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Quooker have a selection of replacement filter cartridges suitable for use with the Quooker Cold Water Filter System and Quooker Scale Control Kit.

Water that flows through the Quooker cold water replacement filter cartridges passes through an activated-carbon filter to ensure the water tastes and smells better. The filter is easy to replace and must be changed at six monthly intervals.

The replacement cold water filter cartridges are designed for use with the Quooker Nordic, Quooker Flex and Quooker Fusion boiling water taps that supply cold filtered water.

The Quooker scale control replacement cartridges are compatible with the Quooker scale control kit. This high-capacity ion exchange cartridge is easy to replace and works to reduce water hardness whilst lengthening the lifespan of your Quooker Tap. An essential accessory if you live in a hard water area.

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We offer free delivery on all orders over 25 which is great news as this means all our Quooker replacement cartridges are eligible for free delivery.

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Quooker, Scale Control Water Filter Cartridge
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Quooker, Scale Control Water Filter Cartridge
FEATURES: Quooker Scale Control Kits developed for use in hard water areas all include a scale control filter cartridge however, over time, the filter will become less efficient and must be replaced to ensure this reliable descaling process will continue to work effectively.

Replacing the high capacity ion exchange cartridge will help to improve the taste of the Quooker water and increase the longevity of your Quooker tap.

Scale control cartridges can easily be replaced at the end of their lifespan.
, In mm - 420 x 130 x 130
COLOURS: Brushed Steel
Quooker, COLD WATER Cartridge, Water Filter Cartridge
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Quooker, COLD WATER, Water Filter Cartridge
FEATURES: Quooker Cold Water Filter Cartridges are easy to replace. They are designed to remove any sediment and impurities from the water to ensure the water flowing from your Quooker tap continues to taste the best it possibly can.

A Quooker cold water filter can be added to any Quooker tap** any point after installation. It is important they are replaced every 6 months.

** Please note Quooker Cold Water Filters are compatible with Quooker Taps manufactured from October 2017 onwards. In order to check your current tap and tank are compatible please check the serial code on your product. Taps and Pro Vaq tanks with a QW serial code are compatible.

, In mm - 245 x 77
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