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A tap where boiling water flows instantly. The Quooker Fusion truly is a wonderful Dutch invention. Simply a kitchen tap on your worktop with a tank stored beneath. When we use a kettle we waste water, energy, money and time. Quooker has the perfect solution to all these problems, a space saving instant boiling water tap for the modern home and an absolute must have for any new kitchen.

Quooker Fusion is the latest addition to the range; an all in one tap which dispenses hot, cold AND boiling water from one spout, plus there is also an additional option to have filtered water too, all from one tap! An exclusive 4-in-1 tap.

Quooker Safety

Quooker Safety

There is no risk of knocking over a hot kettle once you have a Quooker boiling water tap installed. Models have been designed with plenty of easy to use safety features to ensure the safety of you and your little ones.

  • Childproof push and turn handles - stops children selecting the boiling water option.
  • Insulated sides - does not feel hot to touch.
  • Water flows as a fine spray rather than a fast jet of water reducing the risk of scalding.
  • To prevent splashing some of the taps are height adjustable.
  • A red light is visible when boiling water is dispensed or when the tank is heating up.

Quooker Fusion

Quooker Fusion Taps

An all in one tap which dispenses hot, cold and boiling water from one spout. Fancy filtered cold water too? No problem! You can now turn your Quooker Fusion into a unique 4-in-1 tap by adding the Quooker Water Switch which allows the supply of cold filtered water too.

So simple to use, simply tap the anti-slip knurled handle twice and twist to activate the boiling water function. The tap can be switched between cold and hot water in an instant. The 360º swivel arm function means tasks can be done with ease; rather than holding heavy pans and waiting for them to fill with boiling water, you can place them directly onto the work surface. Another bonus of the Quooker Fusion is that the tap will fit into the space of a standard mixer tap hole so it can easily be fitted to an existing or new kitchen without the need to replace worktops or your sink.

We are very excited to have the new Quooker Fusion on display in our showroom.

Quooker Fusion working display

For more information please call a member of our team on 0330 002 0229, we would be more than happy to help with your enquiries.

Quooker Nordic Twin Taps

A pair of taps comprising of a separate boiling water tap and an accompanying mixer tap. Compatible with the Quooker Water Switch.

Both the Quooker Fusion & Quooker Nordic Twintaps are available in square with angled spout or round with arched spout styling options with polished chrome, brushed chrome and NEW stainless steel finish. All models are complete with each of the safety features mentioned above.

Quooker Single Boiling Water Tap

Quooker Basic Classic Design Modern

These taps dispense boiling water only and would be a perfect addition to an existing kitchen. There are a range of design options; Basic, Classic, Design and Modern. All available in chrome, brushed chrome or stainless steel. Check out our website for all the available options here: - Quooker Taps

Quooker Water Switch

Quooker Water Switch

This clever water diverting device allows you to switch from standard tap water to cold filtered water with ease. Add the Quooker water switch to any Quooker Fusion or Quooker Nordic Twintaps and you will be able to enjoy cold filtered water from your tap. It is available in polished or brushed chrome and NEW stainless steel to match your tap choice. Water will pass through an activated-carbon filter ensuring the water will taste and smell better. It is advised that the filter is changed every six months under normal use to maintain the filtered water quality.

Nordic Soap Dispenser

Quooker Nordic Soap Dispenser

To complete the look Quooker have also engineered an elegant Nordic soap dispenser which is designed to be operated with one hand. The soap reservior sits out of sight beneath the work surface and can be easily filled from above. Available in polished, brushed chrome or NEW stainless steel.

Efficient & Economical

Quooker Fusion Tanks

Quooker is extremely economical to run due to its high-vacuum insulation, the stand-by power consumption is just 3p a day. Once heated to 110ºC the water is stored under pressure in the special insulated tank. The way it is stored ensures that with continued use, boiling water is always safe and sterile. Boiling water is supplied on demand, this means you only use the water that you need, when you want it. It will save you time too. Instant boiling water means no waiting around for the kettle to boil, reducing cooking and preparation times for pasta, vegetables, sterilising baby bottles and preparing hot drinks etc.

The Quooker PRO-VAQ tank sits beneath your kitchen sink and due to their patented insulation they are safe to touch, they are available in three size options.

  • 3 Litres; Perfect for the majority of households and small offices.
  • 7 Litres; Recommended for large families or commercial use.
  • 11 Litres; Recommended for commercial use (6p/day).

The larger tanks would be especially perfect for an office environment where on average, 42 hours a year are wasted waiting for the kettle to boil. A Combi tank option is also available, bringing instant hot (50-60ºC) and boiling water (100ºC) from a single tank, super efficient and an economical way to produce both hot and boiling water where only a cold water feed is available. Stainless Steel mounting brackets are available too, particularly handy for fitting tanks in kitchen units with a drawer, or just keeping everything under the sink neat and tidy.

If you live in a hard water area you could opt for the Scale Control filter. This has been developed to lengthen the lifespan of your Quooker by reducing the water hardness. It is a reliable descaling solution and improves the taste of the Quooker boiling water. To find out if you live in a hard water area you can you the simply enter your postcode into the following link;


Quooker Fusion Complete Review

A complete review of the Quooker Fusion boiling hot water taps. This video covers the Fusion Square and the Fusion Round in chrome, brushed chrome and NEW stainless steel.

In the video we discuss:

  • How to operate the Quooker Fusion taps.
  • Safety features of the Quooker Fusion.
  • The use of the new Quooker water filter, the Quooker Water Switch.
  • All you need to know about the PRO-VAQ 3, 7, and 11 litre size pressurised water tanks.
  • Quooker daily running costs.
  • The Quooker COMBI tank option.
  • The matching Nordic Soap Dispenser.
  • The Quooker Scale Control kit to reduce water hardness.
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets for the Quooker tanks and Scale Control filter cartridge.
  • Benefits and uses of the Quooker Fusion.
  • Quooker Fusion review and demonstration.

To find out more about the new Quooker Fusion or any other boiling water taps or accessories within the Quooker range please get in touch with a member of our expert team at Appliance House and we will be happy to help.

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