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Turn your Quooker Tap into a 5 in 1 tap with the Quooker CUBE! The latest innovation from Quooker allows you to enjoy perfectly chilled, filtered water and filtered sparkling water straight from your tap. Not forgetting, 100C boiling water, cold and hot water too.

Designed specifically for use with Quooker taps, the CUBE is a unique chilling and filtering unit. The chilling unit stores neatly within the kitchen unit, below your sink. Mounted to the side of the unit a CO2 canister provides beautifully sparkling water. A hollow fiber filter inside the unit removes any unwanted impurities and odours from the water to ensure every glass of filtered water tastes fresh and clean. Switching between cold filtered, sparkling and boiling water is done with ease via the textured, push and turn handle.

If you regularly purchase bottled water then the CUBE would be a great investment. It's an environmentally friendly choice. Once you have the CUBE installed in your kitchen, you'll no longer need to buy bottled water (which often goes flat & gets thrown away!) This reduces plastic waste and will save money and water too!

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Quooker products really are second to none! We have a number of Quooker accessories on offer at Appliance House including the elegant Nordic soap dispenser.

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Free delivery on orders over 25 - We offer free delivery on all Quooker products.

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Quooker, CUBE, Chilled Water Filter Unit
FEATURES: The Quooker CUBE is a chilling and filtering unit specifically designed for use with Quooker taps. Once the CUBE is plumbed into your Quooker tap, it has the ability to supply 100°C boiling water, hot, cold and also perfectly chilled filtered water along with sparkling water too. This creates a 5-in-1 tap!

Once installed you can switch between cold filtered, sparkling water and boiling water with ease using the textured push and turn handle. Within the base of the tap a light will shine to let you know which type of water you have selected;

- Double tap and turn - Boiling water -Solid red light
- Single tap and turn - Chilled Sparkling water - Flashing blue light
- Single tap, hold and turn - Chilled filtered water - Solid blue light

The CUBE allows you to enjoy lovely chilled drinks and fresh, sparkling spritzers with minimal effort. It is an environmentally friendly option too. There will be no need to cart heavy bottles of water home from the supermarket, nor will you need to pour away half bottles of sparkling water that have lost their fizz! This alone reduces plastic waste and saves water!

Single Quooker Co2 bottles provide up to 60 litres of chilled carbonated water. The CUBE comes with one CO2 canister, this is mounted to the side or front of the chilling unit. Sparkling water produced via the Quooker Co2 cartridge costs just *29p per litre delivered.

Inside the tank a hollow fibre filter purifies the water, removing any odours and bacteria before reaching your glass. A light signal will notify you when the filter needs changing.

CUBE dimensions - W 235mm x D 440mm x H 430mm (Once the canister is mounted to the unit you must account for an additional 65mm)

The Quooker CUBE is compatible with any Quooker tap and pro vaq tank manufactured from October 2017 onwards. You will need to check the serial number on your product to determine if it is compatible.

Tanks - Serial number that starts with VBW, VCW, CCW or CPW are compatible.

Taps - Serial number that starts with QW0, QW1 and higher are compatible.

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* Statistics from Quooker. Please call 0330 002 0229 for more information., In mm - H 430 x W300 x D 440
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