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If instant boiling water isn't enough for you you'll be delighted to discover Quooker have created a Cold Water Filter designed to supply cold, taint free, filtered water straight from your Quooker tap!

Quooker cold water filters are compatible with the Fusion, Flex and Nordic boiling water taps and can be added to these models at any point after installation. With a simple push and turn of the textured handle you can switch between standard tap water and cold filtered water with minimal effort.

Experts recommend the Quooker filter is changed every six months to ensure the tap delivers an excellent level of filtration and great tasting water with each glass.

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Special OfferQuooker, CWF, Cold Water Filter, Genuine Accessory
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Quooker, CWF, Cold Water Filter, Genuine Accessory
FEATURES: Turn your Quooker boiling water tap into a 4-in-1 tap with the addition of a Quooker Cold Water Filter! The filter has been designed to allow you to switch from tap water to cold filtered water with a single push and turn of the textured handle.

A blue light indicator is visible when cold filtered water is dispensed. The water passes through an activated-carbon filter removing any impurities from the water allowing you to enjoy great tasting, taint free cold water by the glass.

The installation of a Quooker cold water filter is like having bottled water on tap which is not only great for your health but it is good for the environment too as you will no longer need to buy bottled water, helping to reduce plastic waste.

To continue to enjoy great tasting water the filter must be changed periodically. The recommendation is to replace the cartridge at six monthly intervals.

Quooker Cold Water Filters are compatible with any Quooker tap and can be added to models at any point after installation.

NB - Quooker Taps manufactured from October 2017 onwards are compatible. Please check the serial code on BOTH your Quooker Tap and Pro Vaq Tank; models with QW serial codes will be compatible.

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