New UK Sink & Tap Manufacturer Now Available At Appliance House (14/02/12)

New Alveus Kitchen Sinks and Taps Added To Our Range

Appliance House are excited and proud to announce we have added a fantastic and broad range of Kitchen Sinks and Taps to our current stock. Alveus emanates from Slovenia and is the child company of Kovinoplastika, a renowned and respected name around Europe. Alveus has a proud history supplying European customers with quality kitchen sinks, taps, cookers and other kitchen appliances for more than 40 years and have now landed on British shores. The designers at Alveus all commit to a simple belief, to provide quality products with innovative designs and inspired techniques.

Alveus offer a variety of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks in a range of sizes and shapes to complete any kitchen design and have also developed an astounding selection of Anthracite, Gold and Copper Sinks which are guaranteed to wow. These fascinating sinks have been designed using a patented production system and really add an eye-catching design feature to your kitchen. The sinks can be fitted as the standard
Inset or Undermount as well as Flush and Flat Mount Inset for unnoticeable rims on the work surface.

Finally, to compliment one of these beautiful and robust sinks; we can offer a range of Single Lever and Spray Taps that produce a fantastic performance and feature a beautiful Chrome finish. These Single Lever, Pull Out Spray and Professional Coil taps have been expertly designed and manufactured for long lasting quality.

If you would like any more information regarding any of our Alveus sinks and taps please email or call 0844 576 5000.
New UK Sink & Tap Manufacturer Now Available At Appliance House (14/02/12)

Limited Time Sale On Built In Hotpoint & Indesit Kitchen Appliances (10/02/12)

Save Money With Our Fantastic Dishwasher and Washing Machine Sale Prices

We're offering discounted prices on a select range of Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines and dishwashers. Take advantage of our lower prices and save money by purchasing one of these beautifully designed home appliances today. The
Indesit DIS04 45cm Integrated Dishwasher offers AAA energy rating, LED display, 10 place settings, adjustable wash temperatures and height adjustable upper basket; ideal for couples and small family kitchens. We've slashed the price of the Indesit DIS04 Dishwasher to just 229 including Free Delivery.

We've also lowered the price of the Indesit DIF04 Fully Integrated 60cm Dishwasher that can hold up to 12 place settings, features a simple to understand LED display, soft pull door opening system, self balancing door and a 50°c Eco Wash. Larger families will find the Indesit DIF04 Dishwasher indispensible and priced at only 239 you'll find this is the perfect solution for keeping your washing up simple and effective.

For just 265 we'll deliver an Indesit IWME126 Integrated Washing Machine direct to your door so you can start feeling the benefits of a perfect wash straight away. You'll love the ease of use this machine brings whilst also offering a range of 20 programmes designed to meet the needs of any family. The Indesit IWME126 Washing Machine is robust and highly effective at bringing out the best in your clothes with fantastic results after every wash. Purchase the IWME126 today and you'll be delighted with the savings and features such as a1200rpm Spin Speed, 6kg wash capacity, Delay Timer and LED Display.

Our final sale offer is on the Hotpoint LST216 Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher that delivers the same results as a full sized machine. This 45cm Dishwasher features 10 place settings, 6 programmes including Eco Wash, Intensive Wash, Rapid 35 Wash, an LED Display, Overflow Protection and a self balancing door. The Hotpoint LST216 Dishwasher has been awarded a AAA energy rating to help you keep save money through lower utility bills long after you've save money on the price. We can deliver this Hotpoint Dishwasher direct to your door for the reduced price of 245.
Limited Time Sale On Built In Hotpoint & Indesit Kitchen Appliances (10/02/12)

5 Ways To Save Money With Your Domestic Appliance (02/02/2012)

Save Money In 2012 With Our Handy Household Appliance Tips

With utility bills and the cost of living soaring we've put together 5 tips to help you save money in 2012 by best utilising your home appliance.

1. Always Check The Energy Rating

When choosing your kitchen or home appliance one of the first features you should consider is the Energy Rating. Many appliances from electric ovens, fridges, freezers and dishwashers to tumble dryers, washer dryers and wine cabinets are all rated using a standardised method and are awarded a rating of A-G, A being the most efficient and G the least efficient. As technologies have evolved, the ratings have expanded to include A+++ or A-60%, meaning an A+++ appliance uses 60% less energy than an A rated machine. An energy efficient domestic appliance will use less electricity, is often quieter, will reduce your utility bill and can save you 100 in running costs compared to a less efficient appliance.

2. Install A Dishwasher

To many a dishwasher is seen as a luxury appliance however this one off purchase will end up saving you time and most importantly money in the long term. Dishwashers typically use 16 litres of water per day whilst washing dishes by hand uses 21 litres and manufacturers are continually researching how to use less then 16 litres and still leave your cutlery and plates wonderfully clean. Many models now come with an Eco programme that uses less energy and still produce fantastic results.

3. Choose The Correct Setting

When you install your new appliance you should always read the manual and find out what each feature or programme does, the benefits of doing so include a better performance and also reduced utility bills. With your washing machine, tumble dryer; washer dryer and dishwasher make sure you use the Eco Cycle as it will use a lower temperature and less water/energy. Check your oven for preset programmes which automatically use the correct settings or if you have the luxury of Pyrolytic liners make sure you run the cycle regularly as one cycle will usually cost 50p, meaning you'll save money using less harmful chemical cleaners.

4. Delay Timers

Take advantage of a Delay Timer feature on your kitchen appliance that can delay the start of a washing cycle to begin during the night when some energy suppliers reduce the rate of electricity. Not only will you save money you'll also not have to hear the noise of the washing machine or tumble dryer throughout the day.

5. Maintenance

Lastly, you should always keep up the maintenance of your appliance in order to keep it running at its optimum performance and in the process keep your bills down. If you have a washing machine, run a boil wash to kill any remaining bacteria; use salt crystals in your dishwasher to clean the inside and the pipes to remove unwanted grease and remember to remove any fluff from the lint tray. These are all simple solutions to keeping your home appliances running perfectly, but remember to get the best out of any machine always read the manual.
5 Ways To Save Money With Your Domestic Appliance (02/02/2012)

Introducing The Gorenje HomeCHEF Oven With Interactive Touch Screen Control (13/01/12)

Gorenje BO9950AX Built In Single Oven With The Revolutionary iChef

Gorenje, the renowned Slovenian Kitchen Appliance manufacturer, has started 2012 with a bang by launching a revolutionary Built in Single Oven with interactive, user-friendly touch screen control. The BO9950AX oven has been developed with Gorenje's innovative HomeCHEF technology to aid any cook, from a novice to a professional, through each step when preparing any culinary dish.

The BO9950AX boasts all the quality features of a standard Gorenje oven with the intelligent control and technology of the HomeCHEF. Gorenje have integrated the modern and popular use of mobile technology with the high-end spec of their ovens to develop the iChef. The touch screen is easily operated via the touch of a finger and features a full-colour interactive TFT display including photo realistic images to help you choose which settings to use to ensure your meal comes out of the oven perfectly cooked.

The main menu on the interactive display is split into 5 sections, SIMPLEbake, AUTObake, PRObake, Mybake and EXTRA.
Interactive Touch Screen
Select SIMPLEbake and 9 categories appear of the most commonly cooked dishes in the oven. These 9 categories feature preset settings for the choice of heat, shelf level and the period of cooking required. All you have to do is input the weight, how well you want it cooked and any alteration to time and the iChef will indicate every step in the cooking process.

The AUTObake section contains 10 categories (e.g. meat, vegetables etc.), which hold a combined choice of 65 preset dishes. All you have to do is select the category, input the simple information the iChef requests and the onboard computer will make any further adjustments to the cooking process to produce a sumptuous meal.

PRObake is the ideal selection for those that want ultimate control over the cooking process. With this option you can set the precise temperature, select which heating elements are used and many other settings to help you create exquisite dishes. Within PRObake you can also use Gorenje's patented STEPbake that allows you to set 3 stages of cooking whilst altering the heating setup, temperature and timer. For example if you are cooking a Turkey for Christmas, stage 1 would be set to a very high heat for 30 minutes and to use all heating elements, stage 2 will be set to a reduced heat for 2 to 3 hours and stage 3 will be set to let it rest on a low heat. Pre set these stages using STEPbake and the HomeCHEF will automatically follow your instructions, cooking the perfect meal every time.

Enjoy Ultimate Control With The Easy To Use PRObake Guide

Mybake allows you to store up to 120 of your favourite and commonly used cooking combinations in 10 categories (e.g. bread, meat etc.), to ensure you produce the perfect feast. Where as with other ovens you have to keep watch to ensure the dish is ok, with the Gorenje HomeCHEF you'll be safe knowing your family's favourite dinner is cooking perfectly.

Finally EXTRA offers a variety of choices such as Preheat+ offering rapid preheating, Warming+ to warm cooked food until it is time to serve, Serving+ which heats plates for serving. The BO9950AX HomeCHEF oven also comes with a Defrost+ feature, a meat probe to ensure your meat is cooked correctly and a simple but effective Cleaning+ function requiring only water to keep your Gorenje oven looking brand new.

Now you've read about what the BO9950AX can do why not try it yourself, click
HERE to view more.
Introducing The Gorenje HomeCHEF Oven With Interactive Touch Screen Control (13/01/12)

Top 5 Space Saving Kitchen Appliances (09/12/2011)

The Best Kitchen Appliances To Save Space In Your Kitchen

Space saving kitchen appliances are essential to many family homes, not only from a design point of view but also for usability and safety. Take a look at our choice of the best space saving household appliances to buy today.

A Warming Drawer is a fantastic kitchen appliance and yet is relatively unheard of in many family kitchens. The benefit of installing a warming drawer in your kitchen is not only the sleek and modern design but also the innovative features perfect for delivering hot food to the table. Set to the desired temperature and countdown timer and you'll serve a delicious meal to your family or guests on hot plates. Coming in a variety of different sizes, warming drawers are an ideal addition to any kitchen with a maximum capacity for up to 12 people. Easy to use, warming drawers will mean you no longer have to warm plates in the oven, saving space for you to cook another dish.

To see our collection of Warming Drawers click

A Built In Radio provides you with ease use for listening to your favourite radio station, keeping up with the latest news and listening to your favourite bands without the need of a clunky and ugly music system. Built In Radios pick up FM and Digital radio stations as well as letting you listen to your music library via ipod connectivity. Easy to install into a wall or ceiling, Built In Radios are almost invisible and are perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or anywhere in the house.

To see our collection of Built In Radios click HERE

A Washer Dryer is the essential laundry appliance for a small kitchen or utility room combining the benefits of both a washing machine and tumble dryer. There are washer dryers to suite any price range with a number of programmes to match, but which ever model you choose you'll be sure of innovative technology and high quality production. Washer Dryers allow for ease of use with simple to understand programmes and controls making doing your laundry easier. Simply pop your washing in, wait till it's finished then turn on the dryer. Matching the performance of a washing machine and tumble dryer, a washer dryer takes up half the space of the two models and is ideal for a small family or couple.

For our Freestanding Washer Dryers click HERE or Built In Washer Dryers click HERE

Downdraft Hoods offer both an ingenious solution to removing unwanted smells and grease during the cooking process. Fitted into the work surface, behind or to the side of the hob, a Downdraft cooker hood rises from below the worktop to add style and functionality to your kitchen and saves space. Visitors in your kitchen won't even know it's there, leaving a minimalist finish and feel whilst offering quality usability with touch controls.

For our collection of Downdraft Hoods click HERE

Saving the best till last, the EVOline popup socket is a revolution in power modules. The EVOline is easily fitted into a work surface and extended when needed. Simply push down on the rocker top and connect your plug. You can then choose to leave the EVOline exposed or retract it back into the worktop, simple. Providing a quality product matched only by the innovative design, the EVOline is popular with a variety of users including architects, schools, and offices. The EVOline saves space as it facilitates the use of electronic items as well ipod charging via the USB sockets available.

For our collection of EVOline pop up sockets click HERE
Top 5 Space Saving Kitchen Appliances (09/12/2011)

Introducing Our New Range of Exciting Hotpoint Freestanding Kitchen Appliances (09/11/2011)

Save On Hotpoint Free-Standing Kitchen Appliances

Following on from our introduction of Indesit Kitchen Appliances, we are delighted to announce we have now added a vast range of Hotpoint Kitchen and Laundry Appliances. With over 100 years experience with home appliances, Hotpoint have developed many of Britain's much loved and used kitchen appliances. Catering for the demands of modern day family life, Hotpoint's freestanding appliances are trustworthy, innovative, stylish and most of all durable. Hotpoint's cooking, dishwashing, laundry and refrigeration appliances have been developed with Eco Tech engineering making your kitchen appliance eco friendly and helping you save money by reducing your utility bills.

Hotpoint's Laundry Appliances come in 4 different ranges with distinct benefits for each range. The Aqualtis washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers are perfect for larger families; Ultima appliances are ideal for those with busy lifestyles. Aquarius+ offer a larger capacity and digital displays while Aquarius appliances are perfect for couples and small families. Hotpoint
Free-Standing Washing Machines feature innovative cycles such as the Anti Allergy and Anti-Stain, Bed and Bath, the Woolmark Platinum Care and a Super Silent Wash. Hotpoint Free-standing Tumble Dryers feature Set & Forget Sensor Drying which uses sensors to monitor the moisture and temperature inside the drum, stopping the cycle when the load is dry.

Hotpoint Ultima, Aquarius, Aquairus+ and Slimline Free Standing Dishwashers offer place settings for up to 14 and offer a variety of programmes such as an Eco Wash, Delicate Wash, Half Load and various temperatures designed to get your plates and cutlery perfectly clean. To help you prepare the perfect meal, we are also delighted to offer Hotpoint Free-Standing Cookers and Range Cookers. The full range of Dual Fuel, Gas and Electric Hotpoint Cookers feature large single and twin cavities with pre-set functions integrated into the Intelligent Cooking System to perfectly cook meals. Most impressive is Hotpoint Free-Standing Refrigeration; Freezers, Fridges, Fridge Freezers and American Style Fridge Freezers offer fantastic storage capacity, eco friendly and innovative technologies such as Hotpoint's Hygiene+, iCare, Air Tech Evolution Fully Frost Free System and a Holiday Setting.

Hurry now and reap the benefits of our excellent prices to help you save money and be assured that your order will be delivered direct to your door.

Introducing Our New Range of Exciting Hotpoint Freestanding Kitchen Appliances  (09/11/2011)

Indesit Washing Machine and Dishwasher Special Offer at Appliance House (14/10/2011)

Pick Up A Bargain With These Reduced Prices On Indesit Kitchen Appliances

Following on from last weeks introduction of Indesit's range of kitchen and laundry appliances, we are delighted to announce a special offer on Indesit's
IWME126 integrated washing machine, the DIS04 slimline integrated dishwasher and the DIF04 fully integrated dishwasher. Now you can buy cheap these amazing appliances that will help to make your life so much easier.

The IWME126 in White offers a range of special features including 20 pre-set washing programmes including easy iron and intensive wash, an LED display to indicate which part of the cycle the load in on and a delay timer for up to 9 hours. The drum is 6kg, perfect for a small family and with an energy rating of AA+B, you can be assured that the Indesit IWME126 will be very efficient. Easy to install and integrate, we are offering this the IWME126 for only £309.

Indesit's DIS04 integrated slimline dishwasher is a suitable appliance in a space saving kitchen whilst still marinating a high quality and efficient performance. The DIS04 comes with a LED display, adjustable wash temperatures allowing you to give crockery and cutlery the perfect care during wash. The dishwasher has space for up to 10 place settings and also includes a height adjustable basket to cater for larger items. The DIS04 slimline integrated dishwasher has been rated an AAA for energy efficiency, wash performance and drying efficiency leaving you in no doubt that your dishes will be left expertly clean, all for an amazing £238.

For those with a bigger kitchen and a bigger family we are now offering the Indesit DIF04 for an unbelievable £249. The DIF04 integrated full size dishwasher uses only 12 litres of water in a standard wash, less than you would use washing by hand, perfect for keeping utility bills down. A self balancing door will prevent the door from springing closed so your or anyone else's fingers wont get trapped whilst a soft pull door opening system will make it easy for you to operate.
Indesit Washing Machine and Dishwasher Special Offer at Appliance House (14/10/2011)

New Carron Phoenix Products Added To Appliance House UK Online Store (06/09/2011)

Fantastic New Range Of Carron Phoenix Kitchen Sinks And Taps

We have some very exciting news regarding our Carron Phoenix range of Sinks, Taps and Waste Solutions. We have just finished updating our full catalogue of products and what's more; we have also re-priced many Kitchen Sinks and Taps to ensure that we offer you the most competitive prices possible. We now offer the full line of Carron Phoenix Sinks in Granite, Stainless Steel and classic Ceramic. Not only are the sinks beautiful to look at, adding a further touch of style to your kitchen, they have been designed with ease of use in mind.

Carron Phoenix ZX Elements 100 Kitchen Sink in Granite

Sanitized Granite Sinks Ideal For A Family Kitchen

2011 has seen the introduction of the Sanitized hygiene function in all Carron Phoenix Granite Sinks. Each Granite sink is protected by Sanitized silver ions that prevent bacteria from growing, ensuring your kitchen is safe for you and your family. Not only are the Granite Sinks from Carron Phoenix more hygienic they are also scratch and scorch resistant, they can't be stained and are very easy to clean. Just look at the wonderful design of the
ZX Elements 150, available in Jet Black.

Choose from the vast array of products available and many can be installed as either Inset or Undermount sinks also with reversible drainers. Carron Phoenix have also released an ergonomic sink, the ERGO 200, with double bowls set at an angle for easier use and maximum comfort along with a modern design. If you are looking for a sink to give your kitchen a touch of traditional style then check out the BALI 150 Ceramic sink or the classic Belfast 200 sink. These offer space, elegance and are striking when combined with modern or traditional décor.

Elegant Kitchen Taps To Complement Your Sink

Carron Phoenix Tulipano Kitchen Tap in Chrome

As well as a full range of kitchen sinks, we also offer the new range of Carron Phoenix taps. Designer and traditional, dual and single lever, pull out and filter taps are all available for purchase here at Appliance House. If you are looking for breathtaking style, look no further than the Tulipano tap in Chrome. This truly stunning kitchen tap adds grace and perfect design to the kitchen, whilst the modern design of the Nautilux tap is matched by its ingenuity with a pull out spray.

Finally to make sure you use your new sink to the fullest, choose the accessory pack, specifically designed for each sink with a combination of Bamboo and Glass Chopping Board, Stainless Steel Wire Baskets and Strainers, and Trivets.
New Carron Phoenix Products Added To Appliance House UK Online Store (06/09/2011)

Gold Innovation Award for Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid Collection (08/10/2010)

Gold Product Innovation Award at 2010 Design Awards in London

Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid Collection of top kitchen appliances has won the gold Product Innovation Award at the Design Awards 2010 in the UK. The Design Awards is an ongoing scheme to promote excellence in design in the home, organised by the publishers of Designer magazine and supported by over 30 leading UK suppliers.

Held in London on 5th October 2010, the Design Awards celebrate those products that best represent excellence and real innovation in design. The independent panel of judges was impressed by Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid Collection which comprises of a range of ovens, hoods and hobs that feature Karim’s signature curves and bold colours. This appealing top-class collection of appliances brings the touch of light into your kitchen and provides a memorable experience for all senses.

"I am so honored to receive this award with Gorenje. They are really interested in true innovation and afforded me to try some new ideas. I did not just want to make another appliance, but to make the appliance change the ambience of the kitchen environment itself. I wanted to use colour but many people are afraid of colour in their homes, especially in their kitchens. So I developed a soft edged minimal oven fascia with a vertical band (the handle) to be a line of light – a changeable LED stripe so this was the way I brought colour into the kitchen. With this collection anyone can choose and change the colour of their kitchen and personalize their lives. This is an experiential object, an object as experience," says Karim Rashid.

The innovative vertical LED light stripe on the ovens and hoods of the Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid Collection offers several colour versions, allowing consumers to adjust the appearance of their appliance according to their current mood, or indeed their lifestyle.

Karim Rashid is an award-winning industrial designer who has undertaken projects for hundreds of clients all around the world. Teaming up with Gorenje was a perfect opportunity to pursue a desire Karim has had for ages: to introduce design into simple, everyday objects such as household appliances, to marry his imagination to advanced technology, and to create a top-class collection of appliances that will provide a memorable experience for all senses. The awarded collection addresses the more demanding customers, the admirers of excellent design and timeless beauty.
Gold Innovation Award for Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid Collection (08/10/2010)


From plain cold to just cool

Buying Guide - Gorenje Retro Fridge Freezers

The Old Timer fridge freezers from Gorenje, already popular for a decade, are now endowed with a revamped appearance and a new colour palette. And to fully fit into the most recent trends, they also have a new, stylish name: the Gorenje Retro Collection. Gorenje upgraded the form of the past with the technology of the future, and added a touch of trendy boldness in an exciting array of new colours championed by the fashion pundits. We believe that contemporary consumers desire more individualism and daring, lively and invigorating colours in their homes. Thus came to life the new retro collection of the economical, and environment-friendly cool beauties in the colours of the rainbow, available in three different and differently charming styles: Chic, Vintage, and Funky.

The new collection of fridge freezers will thrill you with the elegant, romantic, or daring colour palettes. What you choose is superior technology with a brand new image and a charming touch of nostalgia. The rounded convex design is the hallmark of the entire collection of perfectly designed, economical, and environment-friendly state-of-the-art appliances whose new colours will blend perfectly with your expectations of distinctiveness. Different and in tune with your lifestyle. Be elegant, romantic, playful, or daring. Treat yourself to more. Dare to go further.

Gorenje Retro Chic collection will appeal above all to those who appreciate modern classics, minimalism with select pieces of elegant furniture; the resolute visionaries who contend that "less is more" and seek perfect harmony. Gorenje's retro beauties in charming hues of Bordeaux, Silver, and Black will surely appeal to them. Simple elegance where nothing is redundant.

The sober tones of the Gorenje Retro Vintage collection will intrigue the nostalgic romantics who love natural colours. The collection will arouse the attention of those who indulge in the pleasures classic arts and appreciate new images with a seasoned character. For them, the fridge-freezers are available in prestigious colours of Dark Chocolate, Royal Coffee, and Champagne. Only the best will do.

Gorenje Retro Funky collection was created for the playful eternal optimists and curious travellers who just love to be free; the adrenaline lovers for whom sky is the limit. Retro fridges in modern, lively, and alluringly lusty hues: Lime Green, Raspberry Pink, and Juicy Orange. For all who dream in colours.

Gorenje Retro Collection with a lush array of colours invites all who have thus far looked in vain for the right colour of their favourite fridge model. Presenting the retro cool refrigerators - Chic, Vintage and Funky. Which is the one for you?

Introducing the Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection (01/06/2009)

The Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection combines the technology and quality with the design talent of the globally renowned French designer of the young generation, Ora-Ïto.

The young designer with an impressive portfolio forged together simplicity and complexity to develop his distinctive style dubbed "simplexity". It was with Gorenje that he first ventured into the world of household appliances; the said minimalist collection of black appliances with trendy design has reaped great success and has become very popular with the users. Wallpaper, the cult magazine, ranked the collection among the five best kitchen appliances of 2007, and the elegant appearance of black glass and brushed aluminium handles combined with technological perfection of the interior also impressed the sharp eye of the jury for the Plus X Award; the award was presented in the category of design for the built-in oven.

Perfect contrast, perfect choice

If Ora-Ïto Black like introduced elegance and a sense of mystery, the white collection brings refinement and freshness into the homes of the trend-aware urban consumers. The kitchens of the Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection are not only an excellent choice in terms of technology they incorporate, but are also an expression of distinctive design that will meet even the most demanding customers.

Gorenje Ora-Ïto White Collection consists of a freestanding combined fridge freezer, multi-functional built-in oven with electronic control, a glass-ceramic induction cooking hob and a cooking hob with gas burners on glass surface, an elegant chimney hood, and decorative panels for the dishwasher and microwave oven that round up the harmonious design of the entire household appliance collection. The appliances of the Ora-Ïto White Collection rank in the highest "A" energy classes and feature all modern user functions. They are distinctive for the harmonious appearance of their front panels which are covered completely in white glass, and handles made of brushed aluminium in stainless steel colour.
Introducing the Gorenje Ora-to White Collection (01/06/2009)