Buy Halogen Lighting Online

We have various halogen lighting options available at Appliance House with halogen cabinet lights and fluorescent strip lighting within our portfolio.

Halogen light bulbs are a type of incandescent lamp. Unlike a standard incandescent lamp, halogen lights use halogen gas which provides a better quality light whilst delivering fairly high efficiency and longevity.

For a truly discreet lighting option you could go for a recessed halogen downlight finished with a stainless steel casing, cheap in price but a stylish option. We also have round and triangular glass downlights to create a modern finish or our stainless steel wedge lights that have been designed to sit beneath your wall cabinet may be your preference.

Buy Cheap Halogen Lighting With Us.

We offer budget prices on all our halogen lighting models. Although our halogen lighting prices may be low our lights are still manufactured to the highest quality. Better still, if you spend 25 or more with Appliance House youll receive FREE delivery too.

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