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Our freestanding fridge range features white, stainless steel and even juicy orange, lime green and burgundy colour options to name a few. With tall freestanding units and under-counter fridges we are sure to have a design which is perfect for your kitchen or utility room.

If you plan to make statement in your kitchen then a funky freestanding retro fridge would be a superb choice as they are available in a range of bold colour options and look fantastic. Not only are they very stylish they are also packed with the best in refrigeration technology and offer plenty of internal storage space as well as a super impressive A+++ energy rating.

Whether youre looking for an ultra modern fridge to add some wow factor to your kitchen or a classic white freestanding fridge as an additional storage space in the utility we can help! At Appliance House we have a great selection of freestanding refrigeration models to suit all budgets and requirements.

Recycle Your Old Fridge

Ordered a new fridge and worried about what to do with the old one? Dont Worry! We offer a fantastic eco friendly recycling service.

For only 10 we will happily take away your old appliance for you when we deliver your one. Leave all the heavy lifting to our expert delivery team, were always happy to help! T&Cs apply.

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Whirlpool, SW81QXRUK, Free-Standing Fridge
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Whirlpool, SW81QXRUK, Free-Standing Fridge
FEATURES: The A+ energy rated Whilrpool SW81QXRUK Freestanding Fridge Freezer features an Xlent fit slimline door which allows you to freely open the appliance at 90° to fully extract and gain full access to the shelves and crisp drawer without being limited by other appliances or walls.

With a large 369 litre capacity, 6 shelves a salad crisp drawer and door bottle rack this model provides plenty of storage room for drinks and food.

Intelligent 6th sense technology monitors the temperature and humidity inside the cavity to ensure food looks and taste great for up to 4 times longer than a conventional fridge. A temperature alarm will alert you to any internal increases in temperature which also helps to avoid food spoilage.

Matching Freezer : UW8F2CXB, In mm - 1875 x 595 x 630
COLOURS: Stainless Steel
Whirlpool, SW8AM2CXRLUK.1, Free-Standing Fridge
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from 679.00 was 799.00 save 120.00
Whirlpool, SW8AM2CXRLUK.1, Free-Standing Fridge
FEATURES: Whirlpool, SW8AM2CXRLUK.1, Free-Standing Fridge with a bottle holder, 4 glass shelves, and an Anti-Bacterial filter to stop bacteria and unwanted odours from building up.

Matching Freezer : UW8F2CXLSB, In mm - 1875 x 595 x 630
COLOURS: Stainless Steel
Gorenje, R6192F, Free-Standing Fridge
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Gorenje, R6192F, Free-Standing Fridge
FEATURES: Gorenje, R6192FW and R6192FX, Free-Standing Fridge. Featuring a SuperCool function that maintains a temperature of around 3°C lower than normal for new food loads preserving freshness, smell and colour up to twice as normal.

, In mm - 1850 x 600 x 640
COLOURS: White, Stainless Steel
Gorenje, ORB153, Freestanding Retro Fridge
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Gorenje, ORB153, Freestanding Retro Fridge
FEATURES: Gorenje, ORB153, Freestanding Fridge comes in Various colours to suit your kitchen. This Ion Generation of fridges mimics the natural process of ionization and refreshes refrigerator air. The fresh zone draw has the lowest temperatures and is ideal for storing meat, fish, fruit and vegatables. This draw preserves the food's freshness, aroma, colour and flavour for longer.

The fridges salad draw is one of the largest on the market and has a humidity control so you can extend the freshnes of your product. The deep door bottle shelf has enough space to store even the largest glass or plastic bottles.


Egg/Ice bin: Egg/Ice bin: 1 x 7

SimpleSlide height adjustable door shelves: 3

LED strip by side

4 glass shelves

The wire bottle rack

Bottle shelf with fixed trap

Number of cheese and butter storage: 1 MultiBox container

FreshZone drawer

CrispZone with HumidityControl: big vegetable drawer with humidity regulation

IonAir with DynamiCooling

, In mm - 1540 x 600 x 640
COLOURS: Juicy Orange & Cream & Silver & Burgendy & Black & Friery Red & Baby Blue & Royal Coffee
Gorenje, OBRB153, Freestanding VW Bulli Retro Fridge
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from 999.00 was 1259.99 save 260.99
Gorenje, OBRB153, Freestanding VW Retro Bulli Fridge
FEATURES: If you're searching for a stylish retro refrigerator for your kitchen then the Gorenje OBRB153 would be perfect for you. Inspired by the popular 1960's Volkswagen T1 Van, the Freestanding Gorenje Retro Special Edition Fridge is bold, sophisticated and unique making it the ideal choice for those wanting to add a splash of colour and character to their kitchen interior.

Styled with soft round edges and available in two bold colour options the exterior design is a throw back to the 60's but the large A+++ energy efficient, 229 litre interior certainly boasts all the technology and sophistication of an exceptional quality modern refrigerator.

Features of the OBRB153 Retro Fridge:

229 Litre cooling compartment
25 Litre freezer compartment
2 Colour Options; Pastle Blue or Bordeaux Red

A+++ Energy Rating; Excellent thermal insulation and door sealing is accountable for the outstanding energy efficiency rating of this product.

IonAir with DynamiCooling; An advanced fan system with powerful cooling technology ensures a consistent internal temperature. IonAir technology enhances the quality of the air by boosting extra negative ions to mimic the natural micro-climate to help food stay fresher for longer.

Deep Door Bottle Shelf; Ensures there is plenty of space for storing large glass and plastic bottles. Features a special 'fence' to secure bottles in place.

FreshZone Drawer; A specialist drawer, designed to keep temperatures consistently low which helps to keep food fresher for longer, ideal for storing fish, meat, fruit and vegetables.

Crisp Zone with Humidity Control; One of the largest fresh fruit and vegetable drawers available on the market, it comes complete with an adjustable humidity control to extend the life of perishable items.

3 Simple Slide Shelves; height adjustable door shelves
4 Glass Shelves
Wire Bottle Rack
1 Door Bottle Container; 1 single container with fixed stopper
1 Multi Box Container; Cheese and Butter Storage

Energy Saving LED Light Fixtures
Dimensions (W×H×D): 60 × 154 × 66.9 cm

, In mm - 1540 x 600 x 669
COLOURS: Burgundy & Baby Blue
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