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Wok Care, Cooking Tips & Fabulous Wok Burner Hobs.

Posted by Lorraine on 20th Feb 2018

The wok is the most popular cook pot used in Chinese kitchens and for good reason. It is actually more versatile than you think! Wok’s are not only great for stir frying & deep frying food, you can also steam, boil or smoke food in one too. Deep frying in a wok is ideal because the concave shape means you require less oil so it is a healthier way to fry! The roominess of the wok lets you fry more food at one time, which means frying in fewer batches and more time to sit and relax.Although it is not essential to own a wok to create delicious Chinese cuisine it is worth investing in one. The wok is a great piece of kit which will make cooking your favourite Chinese meals a little easier for you. Wok pans spread heat evenly throughout the pan, from the base and up the sides. Cooking with intense heat allows you to create delicious, healthy dishes in no time at all.Carbon steel woks are a great choice as they heat up fast and also cool down quickly, they’re suitable for induction hobs too. There are round based and flat bottomed wok styles so you must consider the work surface you’ll be cooking on before you decide which style of pan to buy. A traditional round based wok is great for a gas wok burner stove but if cooking on a flat surface such as induction you’ll have to opt for a wok with a flat bottom. The flat based pans are the safer option for deep-frying too. You’ll also need to consider the handle options available as there are pans with one long handle, great for tossing a stir fry or perhaps the two short handle designs would work better for you.Wok intense heat cookingBy following our tips below you can ensure that your wok will stay in good working order and continue to create tasty dishes (chef dependent of course!) for many years to come!Season, Season, Season! Experts recommend seasoning the woks surface before and after cooking. This process will prevent food from sticking and creates a non-stick wok.Steps For Seasoning BEFORE Cooking;
  1. Simply pop some oil into the wok ensuring the whole surface is coated and heat until smoking hot.
  2. Discard or pour the used oil into a storage jar and then add fresh oil for cooking.
Steps For Seasoning AFTER Cooking;
  1. Gently clean the wok in hot water with a little washing up liquid, leave to soak if neccessary. Rinse and dry well.
  2. Heat the wok to a very high heat then add a thin layer of oil all over the inside surface using kitchen paper towels.
  3. Heat again on a medium heat for 5-10 minutes then wipe away the oil with a clean paper towel, continue to do this until any black residue is no longer present.
  4. Allow to cool before storing away.
  5. If over time your wok gets rusty, don’t worry. Rub any rust away with a wire brush and re-season with fresh oil.
Use Oil With A High Smoke Point.Wok cooking involves cooking food at high temperatures so it is really important to use a cooking oil with a high smoke point. The more refined the oil the higher the smoke point, generally lighter colour oils offer a higher smoke point. Canola oil is great for stir-frying and deep frying, as is sunflower oil, peanut oil and grapeseed oil. There are many options out there so test different ones to see which works best for you.Image sourced from thegoodshoppinguide.comIt’s All About The Timing.Food cooks at different rates so it is wise to cook certain foods separately and combine them together just before serving. Ensure all food for the recipe is peeled, sliced and ready to go before you start cooking as you’ll need to be ready to keep the food active in the pan.Meat and poultry should be cooked first then set aside. Add vegetables to the wok and once the vegetables are perfectly cooked add the meat back into the wok. This way you can be sure that everything is cooked just right and the meat remains succulent and thoroughly cooked.Keep The Food Moving!Keep the wok moving! When rapid cooking over a high heat, food needs to be constantly tossed to prevent it sticking and burning to the pan.For two delicious Chinese recipes have a go at our Steamed Sea Bass With Ginger & Spring Onion or Crispy Chinese Chicken With Orange. They're so, so good and way better than a take away. If you're serious about Chinese cuisine then a hob with a triple wok burner would be a great option to consider. There are many excellent quality hobs that feature a dedicated a wok burner.Now you've got the wok cooking & maintenance tips covered lets take a look at the hob choices out there. To take your cooking experience to a whole new level we've picked a few of our favorites;Caple C895i - Induction Gas Mixed HobThe stylish C895I hob by Caple features 4 induction cooking zones and a 4 kW triple ring gas wok burner too. The elegant bevel edged glass surface provides a contemporary finish but more importantly is makes cleaning effortless. The 900mm wide C895I gas and induction hob features a child safety lock, pause function and 2 booster zones for rapid boiling at the touch of a button. The audible touch control allows you to easily select between 9 power levels for each induction zone. There is also a programmable timer to set cooking duration and finishing times on each zone for up to 99 minutes. This hob is available in a black glass or white glass finish and is a great hob choice for those who want the flexibility of cooking on induction and gas.Whirlpool GOF7523/SB - Gas HobGOF 7523/SBThe Whirlpool GOF 7523/SB 5 burner Fusion gas hob features a centrally positioned high efficiency burner which reduces energy consumption by 20%. The innovative design of the burner zone and vertical flame ensures heat is delivered directly to the pots and pans, avoiding dispersion which is ideal for wok cooking when intense heat is required. At 730mm wide this stainless steel hob provides 3 different size burners to suit all your cooking needs. Hardened enamel pan supports offer a safe platform for pots and pans to sit on when cooking whilst the front mounted controls allow for safe and easy operation.Caple, Sense C1081G - Gas On Glass HobThe Caple, Sense C1081G touch control gas hob is 1000mm wide and features a stylish black vitroceramic glass surface. An intuitive touch control panel is situated at the front of the hob for ease of use. From here you can use the auto electronic ignition and choose between 9 levels of power for each zone. Complete with a child safety lock and flame safety device with auto re-start this gas on glass hob has been designed with safety in mind. The cast iron pan supports provide a stable and safe platform for a range of pan sizes with the large 4Kw triple ring burner being the ideal choice when cooking with a wok.We have a wide variety of hobs that feature triple ring burner zones from a number of prestigious brands including AEG, Gorenja and Whirlpool to name a few. Should you wish to discuss your options or enquire about any of the featured products then please give us a ring on 0330 002 0229, we're a knowledgeable team and always happy to help! 
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