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What's The Difference Between A Waste Kit And A Plumbing Kit?

Posted by Alistair Ward on 18th Sep 2013

This is not the lead up to the world's worst joke but actually a question we get asked every day. A waste kit and plumbing kit are both required whenever you are fitting a new sink. Some manufacturers will include both a waste kit and a plumbing with a sink, while some may only include a waste kit, or some don't include either and you have to buy both as additions for the sink. Have a read of the information below so that when you are choosing your new sink you will know exactly what else you require.

What is a Waste Kit?

A Waste Kit sits in the plug hole of a sink and is fitted to create a seal in order to prevent water from draining out of the sink. You will notice the majority of sink images will include a plug, either a basket strainer or a classic rubber stopper. The majority of sinks on will come with either a Stainless Steel or Chrome waste kit, so you don't have to purchase a waste kit seperately. Caple Ceramic Sinks don't come with a waste kit. Instead, Caple provide an option of Stainless Steel, Chrome, or Brushed Steel, all of which need to be purchased in addition to the sink.

What is a Plumbing Kit?

Plumbing KitA Plumbing Kit is a set of plastic pipe work that is connected to the waste kit underneath the sink and transports waste water to the sewer pipe. Many of the sinks will not include plumbing kits and you will need to purchase a plumbing kit in addition to the sink. Carron Phoenix sinks are an execption to this because Carron Phoenix sinks do come with a plumbing kit included. Single bowl sinks and bowl and a half sinks will require a single bowl plumbing kit, while double bowl sinks will require a double bowl plumbing kit. Plumbing kits will usually feature connections for Washing Machines and Dishwashers so you can easily connect these in your kitchen.Now you know the difference between a waste kit and a plumbing kit but if you are unsure if the sink you are interested in comes with either then call us on 0844 576 5000.
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