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What Your Kitchen Sink Says About You

Posted by Alistair Ward on 21st Mar 2014

The kitchen is widely regarded as the heart of the home: a place where friends and family gather, whether for day-to-day family life, or weekend entertaining. It's an informal place to eat, chat and lounge around. And central to your workspace is, of course, the kitchen sink. So what does your kitchen sink say about you?The Farmhouse SinkA nod to the past, this solid old-fashioned sink is making a very fashionable comeback. Armitage_Shanks_S582701_Belfast_sink_1Resembling sinks from historic farmhouses, they add a timeless appeal to your home and help achieve the country cottage look. They appeal mostly to traditionalists and people who are very family-oriented.Stainless Steel SinksOne of the most common kitchen sinks, this versatile sink unit comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are easy to clean and will last a long time. They're often the sink unit of choice for people who are practical and after value for money.Vessel SinksA popular trend in the bathroom for several years now, the vessel sink is now making its sinks9debut in the heart of the home. Sitting on top, or just recessed of the counter, they require less bending over than a traditional sink – but also leave you with less room to manoeuvre large pots and pans. Which means it's probably your choice if you value style over substance, don't actually do much cooking, or you suffer from a bad back!Island SinksIn large kitchens, a kitchen island is a practical addition to the room, providing extra storage and prep areas, and maintaining the flow between your workspaces. Many kitchen islands include a sink, enabling you to stay in the centre of things, while keeping your kitchen clean and tidy. Suitable for those who love to be at the heart of the gossip during informal gatherings, or busybodies who can't bear missing out on the action!Do you have a different type of sink? Why, that just means you're an incredibly stylish individual, of course!
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