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Washing Machine Wish List

Posted by Alistair Ward on 14th May 2014

So, your washing machine has broken and you need to replace it quickly.  How do you decide which one is right for you?

There are many considerations when purchasing a new washing machine.  We have written a few pointers below.

Firstly, how often do you wash?  How many people live in your household and are you washingmachineforever loading the machine?  For families there are washing machines with extra-large drums, and washing machines with a baby cycle for those of you with babies.  This cycle has been designed to get rid of the stains that babies attract i.e. mud, grease and ketchup!

For couples and singletons a machine with a half load button and an eco-friendly wash cycle might be perfect saving you money and keeping energy costs low.

What type of washing do you do?  Some machines now have programmes specifically for bulky items such as towels and duvets, and programmes for your delicates such as bras and underwear.

Are you concerned about the environment?  Washing machines are available with high energy efficiency ratings.  An Eco wash programme which uses low temperature programmes is beneficial to both the environment and your pocket.

Where is the washing machine going to live?  Is it in a utility room, integrated or a stand-alone machine in your open plan kitchen?  If it’s the latter then noise is going to have to be a key consideration as you still want to be able to hold a conversation even when your washing machine is spinning.  Make sure you check the DB level both when on a wash cycle AND when on a spin as the two can be poles apart.

Do you ever find yourself in that position where you haven’t washed an item that you need now?  If this is something that happens to you often, then a machine with an efficient quick wash might prove useful.  Nowadays most washing machines have cycles that last less the half an hour!

Longevity, most people want their new machine to last a long time.  Robust buttons, long warranties and the promise of part replacements can all add to the lifespan of your new washing machine.

Finally and most importantly, safety.  Many machines now have child safety locking devices which mean your children cannot tamper with the buttons when the machine is in use.

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