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Two Amazing, Easy Recipes To Celebrate The Chinese New Year.

Posted by Lorraine on 28th Jan 2017

Once you’ve whizzed up our delicious Crispy Chinese Chicken With Orange & Steamed Sea Bass With Ginger & Spring Onions you will be in Chinese food heaven! They’re much healthier than a take-away, easy to prepare and most importantly, they are packed full of flavour.Several foods are consumed during the Chinese New Year Celebrations to promote wealth, happiness and good fortune. The main Chinese new year dumpling for Cantonese families is the Yau Gok, eating this dumpling is believed to symbolise wealth and prosperity for the coming year, eating fish also signifies prosperity. Long noodles represent longevity and oranges are widely used in many dishes, especially mandarin oranges, as they are said to be a symbol of luck and good fortune. There are also particular foods and gifts which are deemed bad luck, pears for one! Fear not, we have steered clear of any pear recipes and have created two delicious recipes using a couple of these special lucky foods, fish and oranges. Give our Crispy Chinese Chicken With Orange & Steamed Sea Bass With Ginger & Spring Onions a try, who knows, they may bring some luck and good fortune to your homes this year, they're so delicious you would be crazy not to give them a try.Chicken with Orange SuaceAuthor Tips - Orange ChickenIf you love to cook Chinese food we have a fabulous quality hob at an affordable price; The Whirlpool, GMA6422/IX gas hob. Complete with 4 different sized burners, including a wok burner the Whirlpool GMA6422/IX gas hob provides the flexibility you need when cooking your favourite meals. It includes a handy crown wok burner making it easier to create the perfect stir fry or tempura battered treats. Deep frying in a wok is ideal because the concave shape means you require less oil so it is a healthier way to fry! The roominess of the wok lets you fry more food at one time, which means frying in fewer batches and more time to sit and relax. Did you know you can even steam cook with a wok, just imagine the super dishes you could create with a Whirlpool GMA6422/IX gas hob. Cooking up our next dish would be a breeze!We have created a nice, simple steamed fish dish which is absolutely delicious. Steamed Sea Bass With Ginger & Spring Onion. It's so, so good!Steamed Sea Bass with Ginger & Spring Onions - Chinese Cooking Fire Rooster - 2017Wishing you all good fortune, health and prosperity in the year ahead! 
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