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The Ultimate Induction & Downdraft Cooker Extractor Has Arrived! The Caple DD940BK.

Posted by Lorraine on 26th Feb 2018

The stylish Caple DD940BK, Induction Downdraft Cooker Extractor with illuminated slider touch controls is a fantastic choice for any modern kitchen. Boasting both functionality and style the DD940BK by Caple offers extremely efficient cooking and extraction from just one appliance. It is incredibly safe to use and it's great to look at too!Featuring induction technology the Caple DD940BK uses magnetism to transfer the heat to magnetic items that are in contact with the hobs surface to provide the ultimate in cooking efficiency. Once a pan is placed on the surface the heat is concentrated to the pan only, if it's magnetic of course, the remainder of the hob surface will stay cool eliminating the need to worry about any splashes or spills being burnt onto the hobs surface.Elegantly styled in a frameless black glass finish which can be flush mounted, the surface provides a large cooking area that can be wiped clean with ease, great for those keen cooks among us. Using magnetic induction technology, the unique Caple DD940BK induction hob has been designed with 10 digitally displayed power levels which can be effortlessly controlled via a touch slider control. It has been awarded an A+ for energy performance due to the impressive technology it features.Downdraft DD940BK in UseLike many induction hobs on the market the DD940BK features a boost option on each zone which allows for super fast heating, a great option to quickly increase the heat to suit different styles of cooking. It also comes complete with three preset temperature settings; bake 42°C, keep warm 70°C and boil control 92°C along with timer controls for each independent zone. Heating sauces and gently warming milk can be prepared with ease thanks to the precise heat distribution and minute minder setting.It has a 'bridge function' that enables users to combine two zones together to create an extra large cooking zones, especially great when cooking with large pans. We love the Caple iGriddle Cast Iron Griddle. The cooking area on the iGriddle consists of a plancha zone; 490cm2 and a griddle area 350cm2, it's dishwasher safe too and works brilliantly on induction.Safety is always important and this model has been designed with a child safety lock, pause functions, automatic safety shut off plus an anti-overheat function to prevent your food from burning.You'll have no need to install a separate extractor as it has been built into the induction hob taking minimalism to another level. Many downdraft extractors glide up from the work surface, however the DD940BK need not move in order to extract efficiently providing an unobstructed view during cooking and socialising. Pipework will comfortably fit into a 300mm wide base unit meaning you'll have much more storage space in your kitchen cupboard when compared to the installation of a conventional downdraft. The motor, plasmabox and charcoal filter are neatly stored in the plinth below the cabinets.There are multiple space saving installation options for the DD940BK available as shown in this informative short video.Simple touch controls operate 4 speed settings which allows you to select the ideal extraction level to effectively clear grease and odours from the air. Aluminium grease filters in the DD940BK downdraft extractor has been accredited with an A class performance rating for grease absorption, maximum extraction is 650m3/h and it operates to a maximum noise level of 64dB.
Spec drawing DD940BKThe re-circulation kit has been designed to sit in the plinth below the cabinets removing the need to duct to the outside wall whilst ensuring minimal storage space is lost. The ducting size required is 150mm. There is also the option of installing a plasma box which is hidden away below the cabinets along side the charcoal filter.
Caple DD940BK -
Innovative Plasma Technology effectively removes any traces of odour from the air. Grease and moisture is captured in the 12 stage aluminium grease filter. The unclean air is converted by a chemical reaction in the plasma filter, it then passes through a carbon filter and the clean air is recirculated back into the room. By opting for the additional plasma box you will help to extend the life of the charcoal filter from around 6 months to 5 years.
The extractor zone comes with a black glass cover as standard which neatly conceals the extractor units when not in use. There is also the option to buy a stainless steel grille.
The Caple DD940BK; the discreet extraction option uniquely combined with the ultimate in induction hob technology.
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