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The Quooker Flex; The Worlds First Boiling Water Tap With An Integral Pull Out Hose.

Posted by Lorraine on 19th Jul 2017

Dutch brand Quooker is synonymous with kitchen tap innovation creating superior quality, energy efficient and time saving solutions for the home. Their newest addition to the range; The Quooker Flex, is no exception.The Quooker Flex is the latest innovation from Quooker which takes the boiling water tap one step further by introducing a flexible pull out spray within the tap design to provide extra functionality. The Quooker Flex is the first of it's kind; A 100 ºC boiling water tap equipped with a convenient pull out hose for hot, cold and optional filtered water. You can select a cold water filter as an additional extra which is compatible with both the Flex and Fusion Taps resulting in an exclusive 4-in-1 tap.The traditional kettle is an extremely inefficient home appliance wasting time, energy, money and water. The installation of a Quooker Flex boiling water tap ensures you have the perfect solution to all these problems. Instant boiling water on demand means you’ll use only the water you need when you want it which is great for the environment too.In simple terms the Flex is a tap on your work surface with a tank stored beneath. It is, however, the revolutionary Quooker technology that makes the Flex so special. The Quooker Flex has all the benefits of the Quooker Fusion but with the added convenience of pull out hose, all accessible from one spout. The spray hose makes tasks such a rinsing dirty dishes, cleaning fruit and vegetables and getting to those hard to reach corners of the sink even easier. As soon as the flexible hose is pulled out of the tap the boiling water function is instantly switched off for safety.Quooker Flex TapAll Quooker boiling water taps dispense boiling water at 100 ºC. Quooker taps are the only taps on the market that can dispense water at this temperature thanks to the patented high-vacuum insulation tank. The Quooker pro-vaq tank stores water under pressure, the unique way in which it is stored ensures that with continued use, the water is always safe and sterile. It is cheap to run too, the stand by power consumption is just 3p per day.Quooker Flex tapQuooker take safety very seriously. The Flex has been designed to include many safety features to ensure there is no risk of burning or scalding;
  • Boiling water safety stop - Cut’s off the boiling water function immediately when the spray hose is pulled out - the boiling water cannot be activated when the hose is in use.
  • Childproof double push and turn handles – stops children selecting the boiling water function.
  • Insulated spout – The sides do not feel hot to touch.
  • Aerated spray – Water flows as a fine spray rather than a fast jet of water reducing the risk of scalding.
  • Light indicators - A red light is visible when boiling water is dispensed or when the tank is heating up. A blue light indicates the filtered water option has been selected.NEW Quooker Flex Boiling Water Tap Featuring Pull Out Hose
Not only is The NEW Quooker Flex packed will safety features to ensure the safety of you and your little ones, it is also very simple to use making it suitable for everyone;
  • Push textured handle once & twist - Activates filtered water (If you’ve opted for this extra)
  • Push textured handle twice & twist - Activates boiling water function
  • Spout is insulated and swivels 360º - Kitchen tasks made easier; Place pan on work surface to fill.
  • Pull Out Spray Hose - Provides greater manoeuvrability and functionality; Clean vegetables & fruit with ease, rinse dirty dishes and get to those hard to reach corners on the sink effortlessly.
The Quooker Flex is available in a swan neck, round style and can be finished in polished chrome or stainless steel. 03300020229We've even created The Essentials Quooker Flex Information Guide; an infographic dedicated to the Quooker Flex it contains everything you need to know about the Quooker Flex and is full of information regarding tank size options, style choices and running costs whist also providing an informative list of all the excellent safety features the Quooker Flex Tap offers. It's most certainly worth a read if you're planning to install a boiling water tap in your kitchen.£145M Wasted overfilling kettlesOne faucet that delivers multiple functions with style: The Quooker Flex. A 100% Dutch invention which is set to take the kitchen tap market to another level.To find out more about the NEW Quooker Flex, Fusion or any other boiling water taps or accessories within the Quooker range please get in touch with a member of our expert team at Appliance House on 0330 002 0229 and we will be happy to help.Quooker Flex Boiling Water TapSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave
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