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The Perfect Pan.....Lives up to its name!

Posted by Lorraine on 6th Sep 2016

The Perfect Pan is pretty blooming perfect as the name says! The Perfect Pan is a cast aluminium non stick frying pan with four individual zones, meaning you can cook four different foods all at the same time. Less pans on the go means less washing up.Here are the reasons we think ‘The Perfect Pan’ is so good and worthy of a place in your kitchen.
  • Compatible with all hob types.
  • Fast and even heat distribution.
  • 4 in 1 multi section fry pan.
  • Cook a vegetarian meal & meat at the same time.
  • Perfect for camping - single stove.
  • Cooks an easy meal for one.
  • Reduces cleaning.
  • Dishwasher safe….and it fits, we’ve tested it!
  • Oven safe, sturdy handle (Up to 180°C)
  • Durable Cermalon Non Stick Coating.
  • Reasonably light weight.
  • Not too big and can be stored away (35.5cm x 32cm inc handle)
Before you decide The Perfect Pan is definitely for you, we’ve tried and tested the pan with a sweet breakfast; American style pancakes, rashers of streaky bacon with grilled banana and stewed strawberries. Read on to see what we thought ….Before adding food to the pan heat it up for about 5-10 minutes to ensure the pan is heated all over. Although non stick we did add a little butter for the pancakes as it adds to the flavour and helps them to brown a little. The manufacturers advise against using extra virgin olive oil as it cannot withstand high heat and will leave a carbonised layer on the non-stick coating. Most foods wouldn't require any additional oils as it has a non stick coating which means healthier cooking.The Perfect Pan has a 24cm stainless steel, induction base which means it is compatible with all hob types, it worked perfectly on our induction hob. The induction base ensures the pans heats up quickly and the heat is evenly distributed with no hot spots. Food in the outer corners didn't brown as quickly but this wasn’t a problem as you can move the food items around in the pan for even browning. We cooked our food on a medium heat setting and the results were great.Buy the Perfect Pan Now!There are four separate cooking zones;Griddle - Ideal for meatsPimple - Ideal for fishFlat and Round Zone Plate - Ideal for pancakes, vegetables and eggs.I’m not the strongest of girls and often struggle lifting heavy pans. I found the weight of this pan fine. It was weighty in the sense that it feels high quality, well made and robust but I was able to lift the pan with ease, which, I often find is not the case with cast iron cookware. The handle was sturdy and streamline with no visible screws or fixtures which made it easier clean too. It has a ledge at the front of the pan which I found especially handy for transporting to the sink or the oven. The ledge does get hot so you need to wear oven gloves if handling this section.Once you get to grips with your pan you will know how long certain foods take to cook, a few english breakfasts in and I’m sure you’ll be quite the pro! In this recipe we added the pancake mix and the streaky bacon first. We like our bacon on the crispy side so we allowed a little extra cooking time. After 5 minutes we added the banana to the dimple griddle and it browned nicely in no time. The strawberries were the last addition to the pan and took only a few minutes before they began to ooze their lovely strawberry juices!The Perfect Pan - CookingIt took about 12 minutes to cook the whole dish and achieve a slightly crispy bacon rasher. Everything was cooked and ready at the same time so a nice plate of hot food was ready to go straight from the pan. Brilliant.The Perfect Pan - American PancakesYou must let the pan cool completely before washing with warm water, mild detergent and a sponge. I was really surprised how quick and easy it was to clean, even the sticky strawberry juice and bacon fat cleaned off with ease. It is also dishwasher safe and it fitted into our dishwasher fine (I tested it for size as I was curious!) The manufacturers recommend washing by hand as dishwasher cleaning will eventually reduce the life of The Perfect Pan. Honestly, I cant see why you would feel the need to put it in the dishwasher. It was so easy to clean and the beauty is you only have one pan to wash up. I give a BIG thumbs up to less washing up.The Perfect Pan - CleaningIt fits neatly in my pan drawer too so can be stored away off the worktop counter. The Master Pan is larger than the Perfect Pan but many say it is too large to store away, plus the bigger size means it is quite a bit heavier too. Another big plus point is the price tag. The Perfect Pan is nearly half the price of The Master Pan yet it is still a high quality product.The Perfect Pan - StorageIt would be fantastic for a camping trip, especially if you only have one stove. If you work shifts, live alone or you’re off to uni soon, cooking for one may be the norm. The Perfect Pan would be….. ‘perfect’! Its great for couples who may like to eat different things to one another; one may love a meat dish and the other vegetarian, no problem, you can cook separate foods simultaneously.It is a kitchen item that I am sure would get used over and over again, and, if looked after will last you for many years to come.You can try the 4 in 1 Perfect Pan for yourself by clicking HERE SaveSaveSaveSaveSave
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