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The Kitchen of the Future

Posted by Alistair Ward on 24th Mar 2014

What do you think the future holds for our household kitchens? futuristic-kitchen-designsUnimaginably intelligent appliances and futuristic chic aesthetics all controlled at the touch of a button? Or perhaps the obsession with environmental impact, energy efficiency and saving resources will push us backwards for a more natural kitchen?Whatever the future holds for our kitchens, there’s no denying that advancements are being made every day. Manufacturers are continuing to outdo themselves and their competitors, driving prices lower and lower for some incredible appliances with new practicalities and functions being added all the time. Ideas are becoming reality as our kitchen can offer us boiling water at the turn of a lever, access to social media from our fridges, waste bins that freeze rubbish and prevent bacteria growth and much more. But when it comes to designing or upgrading your kitchen, how many people really look past the price tag? With this in mind, the team at Appliance House have got together to hunt for some futuristic kitchen bargains, so you can take advantage of the advancements in kitchen technology for less.Appliance House Power Port 2-USB Pop-Up SocketHow about this for a futuristic and handy appliance? Appliance House’s own branded pop-up sockets complete with 2 USB ports and 3 x 13 Amp sockets in a modern looking aluminium housing, available for just £75.00 including free delivery. That’s up to £200 cheaper than some of the top branded products of a similar nature!  Plug in any electrical appliance, iPad or iPod and when you’re done simply push the sockets back in to sit flush with the work surface. Grab yourself one of these at a bargain £44.95 here.Caple C850i Frameless Induction HobInduction cooking technology isn’t exactly the newest thing to hit the market, but there definitely is an aspect of a futuristic feel to flame-free cooking. Although they have been around for a while induction hobs have only recent began to become more affordable and accessible, and hence more popular throughout households. The key benefit of using an induction hob is the energy efficiency, using 84% of the energy to cook as opposed to 40% being used by gas. Aside from this they are easy to clean, stylish and perhaps most importantly – incredibly safe! With some of the top of the range inductions hobs costing into the £1000’s, the Caple C850i is an affordable but equally effective alternative. In a stylish frameless black glass colour, this induction hob is available from Appliance House for just £298.00 with free delivery and complete with 1 year warranty. Check it out here!Quooker Basic Boiling Water TapSimilarly, the technology behind instant boiling water isn’t exactly cutting-edge or ground breaking as a brand new break through, but boiling water taps are definitely becoming an increasingly popular kitchen appliance. Gone are the days of waiting for the kettle to boil early in the morning, or waiting for the water to boil when preparing foods such as pasta. Simply turn the handle for instant boiling water straight from the spout of your Quooker tap, with a stylish design and available in 3 different finishes to suit any kitchen. Pick it up here for just £635.00 delivered.What do you think the future holds for our kitchens? What do you think of the bargains and appliances we found on our hunt? Let us know what you thought of this article and your opinions on the matter in the comments below!
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