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The Grohe Red Mono Tap - The FIRST Instant Filtered Boiling Water Tap

Posted by Lorraine on 27th Oct 2016

The Grohe Red System Mono Tap is a wonderful product, a tap which provides instant filtered boiling water, whenever you want it. Instant boiling water on demand means no waiting around for the kettle to boil; ultimately this will save you time and energy plus it means you’ll use less water to; you will use only the water you want when you need it which is great for the environment.Grohe products are made in Germany where each design element is engineered to the highest standards. You can always rely on the performance and quality of all Grohe products and their innovative water systems. There is no risk of knocking over a hot kettle once you have a Grohe Red System, filtered boiling water tap installed. Grohe have incorporated many safety features within the design of their taps to ensure the safety of all users, including children. For peace of mind they provide a full 5 year guarantee too.Safety GroheChild LockSafety is paramount in a family kitchen. Grohe Red taps are designed with a child lock to prevent children activating the boiling water function and scalding themselves; for the boiling water to flow, you must first pull and then turn the handle. This feature has been independently tested and certified.CoolTouch® TechnologyGrohe have incorporated cool touch technology in their red system tap range meaning all boiling water taps are insulated so well that you can touch the spout without any risk of scalding.Swivel Stop TechnologyThe tap is limited to 120º turn which prevents accidental flooding of the work surface. It does not compromise the function of the tap as there is still adequate swivel range to ensure you can fill pans and cups with ease.Compact Titanium Boiler SystemThe system’s compact boiler is designed to fit discreetly below the sink, leaving you more counter space and a much tidier kitchen. All boilers in the Grohe Red collection are made from titanium. Titanium is highly resistant to corrosion and limescale build-up, ensuring perfect performance over the lifetime of the tap. It also guarantees you can enjoy your tea and coffee with a great clean taste, free from any metallic taint.Innovative Filtering SystemThe Grohe Red water systems are equipped with an integrated five stage high performance filtration system. Heavy metals such as copper and lead are filtered out of the water, substances like chlorine and organic compounds are also removed leaving you with fresh filtered water. This is the only hot water tap currently on the market that incorporates this innovative filtering system.Grohe Red System Mono TapThe Gohe Red Mono Tap supplies filtered, kettle hot water only. For the ultimate combination pair the Grohe Red Mono Tap with a Grohe Blue Duo water system; The blue water system provides filtered, chilled and carbonated water and the red system provides the filtered boiling water. Save water. Save Time. Add a Grohe Red Mono Tap to your existing kitchen tap and say goodbye to your kettle for good.Grohe Boiling Water TapTo find out more about the Grohe Red Mono Tap or any other taps and accessories within the Grohe range please call our helpful team at Appliance House on 0330 002 0229*Promotion runs: 1st October to 28th February 2017. All claims to be submitted online by 31st March 2017.For all terms and conditions and to claim your £75 cashback simply download and complete the claim form online with your proof of purchase by visiting
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