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The beauty of built-in!

Posted by Alistair Ward on 6th May 2014

Today buyers can select from a growing number of built in items including ovens, washing machines, microwaves and now, coffee machines.  But what if anything, do they really add?

There is so much choice around kitchen design, colour, worktops and flooring that it is sometimes impossible to know what to choose, what’s in vogue and what style of kitchen CMSC45_4will suit you and your home.  One thing you can be sure about is that by selecting a small number of built in appliances your kitchen will have a contemporary finish with clean lines and  funky gadgets, adding a certain wow factor and not to mention talking point.

Built in appliances really do add to the finesse and final finish of a kitchen.  They really look the part and many people talk about that little moment of excitement and happiness they feel when they sip a perfect cup of coffee or pop their meal into the microwave which has been placed in the perfect position so as not to move.  But it’s not just about style and those little flickers of excitement, built in appliances also enable you to keep work surfaces clear and free, which makes it more hygienic and user friendly and many of these products have self- cleaning features and dishwasher proof elements that mean you don’t have to wash them after every use.

Given the abundance of built in appliances available both online and in retail stores, you no longer have to worry about replacement costs.  Many of these items have extended warranties anyway and should they break outside of this, they can be replaced without having to pay a fortune.

We think built in really is beautiful, and really does have a purpose…

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