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Singing in the Rain

Posted by Alistair Ward on 31st Mar 2014

Ever since I was young I have always enjoyed music whilst either in the shower or bathroom. I actually once had a friend who owned the Sony Sports Walkman. It played cassettes (yes analogue cassettes!) and it was waterproof. I remember holidaying with him and being ever so jealous that he could lie on his lilo and confidently listen to the music on his Walkman without fear of water damage! Wow those were the days.1365251579-53557500Anyway, I digress. Technology has thankfully moved on since those days and now the options for music within the sanctuary of your bathroom or kitchen has increased dramatically. One of the protagonists in this field is KBSound with their range of built-in radios. They offer products that are specifically designed to operate in areas of high humidity. They provide FM and DAB and also the potential to connect to your iPod or iphone using a wireless dock.Installation of the products is also fairly straightforward with the speakers and control unit fixed into the ceiling and ceiling cavity respectively. The unit is then controlled by an easy to use remote control.Having a system such as this removes the wires from view and limits the clutter that they create, reaffirming the sleek designs that you are after. Also removing the need to take your portable docking station into the bathroom and always running out of batteries as soon as you get in the bath!It additionally provides an extremely safe option for listening to music while relaxing on the bath or creating your favourite dinner.
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