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Short Guide To Choosing Your Dream Island Cooker Hood.

Posted by Lorraine on 15th Aug 2016

Are you planning an island in your new kitchen? Selecting which type of island cooker hood to choose can be quite daunting. There are four extractor types that are suitable for use on an Island unit; Ceiling extractor, island hood, pendant or a downdraft extractor. Within each category there are many different factors to consider. We have a great range of cooker hoods available at Appliance House. We have put together a short guide to help you select the perfect extractor for your needs.Ceiling Extractors.Ceiling ExtractorThere are some fantastic ceiling extractors that are new to the market which really have the wow factor. Neatly positioned above your island, ceiling extractors fit flush to the ceiling, or in some cases a slight step down from the ceiling. They are discreet yet still look impressive, elegant and minimalist. The height at which they are installed means you can cook and continue to socialise at the same time, no more head banging incidents or ducking to see across the room. Models are supplied with a remote control so no need to reach up high to operate the functions which is an added bonus.There are countless design and colour options to opt for, from round ceramic white designs styled with perforated steel to stainless steel and white frosted glass. Sizes range from 900mm wide up to 1100mm wide ensuring whatever your choice, they will suitable for all hob sizes.Fancy enjoying a relaxing after dinner coffee around the island? Best dim the lights to set the scene, you can now do this on your ceiling extractor! Many of the ceiling extractors have stylish lighting options; halogen and LED strips and spotlights have been incorporated into many of the models, you could even select a ceiling extractor with dichroic lights and a dimmer switch.A motor will be required for the ceiling extractors, ducting out is always the best option but some models can also be installed as a recirculated hood if required, you would need to purchase carbon filters with the recirculated option.+ Non Obtrusive; Sits flush with ceiling.+ Remote controlled+ Sophisticated lighting options+ Discreet yet elegant and impressive+ Plenty of design and colour options to chose from+ Variety of extraction options available (Recirculating/ducted out)- You’ll need steps to reach it and give it a dust every now and then!Downdraft ExtractDowndraft Extractorors.The discreet extraction option. When not in use the extractor is hidden away from view creating a sleek and minimalist look. The appliance is housed beneath your work surface directly behind or alongside your hob. To operate, you simply press a button and the downdraft extractor glides up from the worktop. It does not rise too high, approx 310mm from the work surface, when in operation and will not obstruct your view when cooking and socialising.If you chose the downdraft extractor in an island you must factor in extra space as a gap is essential between the back of the units for the placement of the extractor. Downdraft extractors can be vented under the floor which is also ideal for island units as the ducting is hidden from view and is easier to install. You will also need to factor in the motor for the downdraft, this could be stored with your appliance, somewhere else in your house like a boiler unit for example, or, the best sound reducing option would be to store the motor on the outside of your house.If you love to cook then a downdraft would not be the best option for you as it does not vent as well as an over counter, ducted out, extractor, smoke rises and therefore it is simpler to re-direct with an extractor from above. A ceiling extractor or an island hood would be a wiser choice for the keen cook.+ Sleek, compact and minimalist+ Non obtrusive - stores beneath worktop+ Easy to Install - ducting runs along floor- Venting not as good as over counter options- Hood is no longer a feature in your kitchen- Extra space required for storage of applianceStainless Steel Pendant HoodPendant Hoods.Pendant extractors look fantastic suspended above an island unit and if you are after a focal point then this may be the option for you. They are available in some beautiful designs and colour options but are not as functional as other hoods available on the market. This is without doubt, a statement piece for your kitchen, however, be aware that although pendant extractors are very stylish they only recirculate the air so not ideal if you plan to cook regularly in your new kitchen.+ Beautiful design options+ Create a focal point in your kitchen- Only available as recirculation extractor.- Not ideal extractor and ventilation option- Poor option for regular cooking.- Continuous replacement of filters.Island Hoods.Island Cooker hoodsSuspending from the ceiling with a 360 panoramic view Island hoods are a big feature in many larger kitchens.Island hoods come in various sizes and styling options. The majority of Island hoods are constructed from stainless steel. We have a variety of options available at Appliance House; straight or curved glass design plus cylindrical and rectangular structures. Some of the designs look quite bulky and industrial, dependant on the style of your kitchen these could be the perfect style choice for you, just make make sure your ceiling can take the weight before you select your dream hood.+ Great ventilation for keen cook - if ducting out+ Feature piece - 360 panoramic view of suspended hood+ Various size options available- Bulky and industrial design styling- Some models obstruct view across room.Recirculation Vs Ducting Out.Recirculation extraction is not as effective as ducting out. Ducting to an outside wall means steam and odours are extracted outside. During recirculation extraction smells and grease are passed through numerous filters, once filtered, the recycled air goes back into the room, however, steam and condensation is not reduced.Recirculation is a good option if ducting is unable to reach an outside wall plus it is cheaper to install as you don't have to factor in the ducting. A little more maintenance is required over time as the carbon filters need to be changed regularly which can become costly.It is worth noting positioning of the joists in the roof to ensure ducting can reach an outside wall efficiently. Too many bends and extra long distances for the ducting to travel will effect the performance and noise levels of your extractor. If you’re planning to socialise and dine in your kitchen seriously consider the noise levels of your hood, no body wants to be shouting over the extractor at a dinner party!Happy Hood Hunting! Note;To calculate the minimum airflow level for your kitchen you multiple the volume of your kitchen by 10.Kitchen; 4 meters wide x 6 meters long and 3 meters high (4x6x3 = 72) (72 x 10 = 720)A hood with extraction of 720m3/h or more would create a suitable level of ventilation.SaveSave
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