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Save Space. Save Energy. Buy A Plinth Heater.

Posted by Lorraine on 13th Dec 2017

A plinth heater is not only a space saver but it is also an economical heating solution. Sitting discreetly beneath a kitchen unit plinth heaters effectively heat a room from low level in less than half the time of a traditional panel radiator. Traditional wall mounted radiators create unused, wasted zones as they are often mounted onto a large expanse of wall. You cannot build units around a traditional radiator but you can build units around a plinth radiator! Simply remove the traditional radiator from the wall and instantly you will have extra wall space to plan and create a better kitchen design with more units, extra worktop space and in some cases you may even be able to squeeze in an extra appliance.Plinth heater - before & afterAlthough predominantly used for domestic applications such as heating kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms, the clever plinth mounting application also makes them ideal for use in reception areas, changing rooms and board rooms etc. We know that for many of you, lack of space can be an issue in a kitchen. If you are planning your new dream kitchen then you really should consider including a space saver plinth heater into your kitchen design.Plinth Heater - Before & AfterWe have a great range of space saving plinth heaters available at Appliance House. With an array of fascia colour options to chose from, electric, hydronic and dual fuel models, plus excellent warranty packages, we are sure to have the ideal heating solution for you. A heating solution which means you will no longer need to compromise on space and you can have the dream kitchen you've always wanted. To give you a helping hand we have put together a little information to help you choose the right model;Why Buy A Plinth Heater?
  • No need for a traditional, wall mounted radiator; free up valuable wall space.
  • Discreet design.
  • Available in hydronic (hot water), all-electric and dual fuel versions.
  • Sits neatly in the plinth under a kitchen unit -  Allows for more storage and increased work surface area.
  • Large range of power outputs - Provides even heat distribution suitable for all room sizes.
  • Many fascia colour options; stainless steel, white, black, brown, chrome, aluminium and gold - suitable for all interiors.
  • Energy efficient - Use around 25% less energy whilst heating a room, heats a room in less than half the time of a traditional panel radiator.
  • Low voltage models available - For bathroom and high humidity use.
  • SS80 model - Slimline design to fit 80mm plinths - Ideal for use in European style kitchens (Ikea), bedroom and office furniture.Plinth heater
Hydronic Plinth Heaters.The Hydronic Plinth Heaters use hot water from your central heating system. This water passes through the heat exchanger; cold air is drawn in by the fan and heated as it passes through the heat exchanger, the warm air is then gently sent back out into the room, creating an even temperature distribution. This process means that it will use around 25% less energy whilst heating a room in less than half the time of a traditional panel radiator. The internal thermostat prevents the fan from operating until the water passing through the heat exchanger has reached 38°C, this ensures the unit will not circulate cold air when initially switched on.The Hydronic models are suitable for two-pipe central heating systems only. They have been designed to operate as part of your central heating system in the same way as a panel radiator. Providing you leave your plinth heater in hydronic heating mode, it will switch on and off automatically with your central heating system. If you require a faster warm up, move the lower switch to boost. No one wants to be overheating whilst cooking their favourite dinner, if you do not wish for additional heat in the room at any time, it can be done with the simple flick of a switch. Moving the switch to (O) will turn off the Space Saver. During warmer months you can also opt to use the air circulation mode which releases a cool flow of air. To use this function the central heating system must be switched off.There is now a slimline version available too; The Space Saver SS80. The Smiths Space Saver SS80, is the first hydronic plinth heater to fit into narrow European-style kitchen plinths, such as those sold by Ikea. The slimline SS80 has been uniquely designed to fit into 80mm plinths making it ideal for use in other areas of the home too; it can easily be fitted into bedroom and office furniture plinths. It is suitable for heating rooms up to 27m3.Low voltage models are available for use in the bathroom or high humidity areas too.Electric Plinth Heaters.Electric Plinth Heaters run independently of the central heating system, some models come with a boost function which blasts warm air in to the room for faster heat up; ideal for heating a room on very chilly day or just when you need warming up a little. Many electric plinth heaters also include a summer mode where you can opt for a cooling flow of air by selecting the air circulation function. Electric fan-assisted plinth heaters cost around 15p per hour for each 1kW of heat.Dual Fuel Plinth Heaters.Hydronic & Electric in one. Dual Fuel Plinth Heaters include an electric element which in electric heating mode will emit 1kW of heat. The supplementary electric heating element provides heat when the central heating is switched off. It is so simple to use and excellent if you just need a blast of warm air to reduce the chill in the room. It is recommended to use the Hydronic heating mode where possible as this will considerably reduce running costs. Smiths, SS5-DUAL, Low Voltage Hydronic Plinth Heater is suitable for a room size approx. 37m³.Save space and use less energy with a space saving plinth heater from Appliance House.Should you require any further information on any of our products please contact a member of our helpful team on 0330 002 0229.We have also created an infographic 'Plinth Heaters Explained' which is a really useful guide all about the various plinth heater models available with facts and figures relating to energy efficiency, running costs and heat distribution. It's a great read!SaveSaveSaveSave
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