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Ridiculously Easy & Delicious Festive Mince Pie Sundae.

Posted by Lorraine on 26th Dec 2017

This recipe is brilliant for using up any left overs from Christmas Dinner. Our Festive Mince Pie Sundae tastes just as delicious as it looks and it is a doddle to make!Our Festive Mince Pie Sundae is the perfect dessert for any time over the Christmas break and the best thing is you're bound to have an abundance of left over ingredients that you can throw into this recipe without having to make a special trip to the shops. I hate throwing good food away so for me this recipe ticks all the boxes, it tastes great and uses up any surplus food in an imaginative way.Mince Pie SundaeWe've used homemade mince pies in our recipe as we had a few left over but I've made this recipe using Christmas pudding, slices of crumbled Christmas cake and even chocolate yule log and the end results have all tasted equally amazing! This recipe is inspired from Jamie Olivers; Christmas Sundae.It takes less than 10 minutes to dish up our Festive Mince Pie Sundae and because its all about using up leftovers just add bits as you go to make sure you have enough for everyone!Christmas Mince Pie SundaeServes 4;Ingredients;
  • 3 - 4 Shortcrust Pastry Mince Pies - chopped into small pieces
  • Handful of Almond Nuts covered in dark chocolate (Cut into pieces)
  • Handful of Stem Ginger - thinly sliced.
  • 1 Large Orange, finely sliced in to rounds.
  • Leftover Port & Cranberry Sauce (Approx 4-5 tablespoons)
  • Leftover Roasted Chestnuts - roughly chopped.
  • 200ml Double Cream - Whipped
  • Vanilla Paste - We use Vanillaworks Gourmet Grade (Only required if using cream)
  1. Whisk the double cream for approx 1 minute or until starting to thicken. It must not be too thick as you need to be able to smooth it without disturbing the layers. Add a few drops of vanilla paste and mix well. Set to one side.
  2. Using a tall glass, add a layer of cranberry sauce to the bottom of your serving glass followed by a layer of orange round sliced in half.
  3. Add a layer of vanilla cream then crumble over the mince pies, chopped dark chocolate nuts, slices of roasted chestnuts and finely sliced stem ginger.
  4. Top with a blob of cream, a drizzle of cranberry sauce and finally pop a thinly sliced whole orange segment on the top decorate.Christmas Mince Pie Sundae
Author Tips;There are no rules here, simply layer up your dish however you wish! We even made mini versions for the children & they LOVED them!If you don't like cream then use whatever you may have in your fridge. Greek yogurt and thick custard work well too.If you love a trifle add leftover sponge or crumbled Christmas cake to the bottom of the dish. Ginger sponge tastes great. You could even soak the sponge in sherry or port for extra flavour.Make a super easy mini black forest gateaux by using boozy cherries, layered with leftover chocolate yule log. Yum Yum!Who knew leftovers could taste so good! Create your own taste sensation of a pudding this festive season, you'll be suprised what you can create with leftovers and some imagination! 
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