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Receive up to £100 One4All voucher when you buy a Grohe Water System.

We are delighted to announce a fabulous new Grohe promotion. Receive a free One4All gift card worth up to the value of £100 with purchases of Grohe water systems. 

We sell a wide range of Grohe filter taps and Grohe hot taps that are suitable for everyone. Across the range you’ll discover Grohe water systems that deliver filtered, chilled, sparkling or kettle hot water direct from your tap. 

Two of the most popular taps in our Grohe water systems collection are the innovative Grohe Blue Home and Grohe Red Hot Water Taps. These high performance Grohe taps feature the latest technology and are elegantly styled making them perfect for any kitchen. Both of these top performing tap models also qualify for a £75 One4All gift voucher during this promotion.

The Grohe Blue Home Pull Out is a brand new model which provides great tasting filtered water will the added convenience of a pull out hose. With purchases of the Grohe Blue Professional Pull Out Tap you will be eligible to claim a £100 gift voucher. 

To see all the products included in the offer please click here.

If you are passionate about helping the environment and conserving water then installing a Grohe Water System enables positive changes to be made. Using a Grohe filter tap is more sustainable and efficient than buying and drinking bottles of filtered water. With filtered water ‘on tap’ there will be no need to lug heavy bottles of water home from the supermarket. This will help to reduce plastic waste significantly. It helps to save water too. Did you know it takes 7L of water to produce just one 1L plastic water bottle!

Many people throw away half used bottles of sparkling water that has gone flat, opt for the Grohe Blue Home Duo Sparkling Water Tap and you can enjoy sparkling water from your tap too! A high performance carbonator allows you to enjoy lightly sparkling filtered water or water that is bursting with bubbles, you can choose how effervescent you want it! Collectively, if everyone made a small change, the impact would be huge. Installing a filtered water tap and using re-usable water bottles is certainly a step in the right direction. 

For those who enjoy a good cup of tea, look no further than the Grohe Red 3-in-1 hot tap. The Grohe Red system offers hot, cold and boiling water. A tap that delivers instant boiling water allows you to fill your cup with just the right amount of boiling water, every time you brew up! This means you’ll use only the water you need (no overfilling the kettle) which saves water, time and money! Grohe Red has received child safety certification providing extra peace of mind for families. For more details on Grohe boiling water taps our blog post dedicated to the Grohe Red 2.0 Duo Boiling Water Tap is worth a read.

New Grohe Red 2.0Hot Tap

Grohe water systems have been engineered to include a five-step high performance filtration process that removes even the smallest impurities from the water. If you live in a hard water area then opting for a Grohe water system is a great idea. Grohe filtered water taps have featured in our blog ‘The Best Taps And Filters To Reduce Hard Water Problems In Your Home’.

The One4All Grohe gift voucher offer will run until the 31st January 2020. Claims will be accepted until the end of February 2020. Simply make your claims via grohe.co.uk.

Should you need any help or advice when choosing a Grohe water system then please call our helpful team at Appliance House on 0330 002 0229. We are here to help and will provide all the advice you need to help you find a tap that is ideal for you.


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