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Quooker you looking at?

Posted by Alistair Ward on 2nd Jun 2014

There is a new kitchen appliance kid on the block and for any of you out there who have already invested in this little beauty, I bet you are in no doubt that you made the right Quooker-pro3-design-bcdecision to buy. This new appliance might negate the need for your kettle. There will be no more “I’ll just put the kettle on”, because you simply won’t need too! Whatever will they come up next? Because now we can have boiling water at the touch of a tap!

This nifty little tap known as the Quooker tap, provides you with boiling water at the precise moment you need it. If you fancy a cuppa, then you make one immediately. If you need hot water to boil rice or pasta, then you can do that too. Do you have a small baby who uses dummies and bottles? No problem, you can sterilise them at a turn of this tap. The Quooker provides you with 100 degrees of boiling water whatever your needs.

The Quooker tap is also space saving; it lives by your sink which means you will no longer require work surface space for a kettle and stand and it is also safe as it has a safety catch which prevents children being able to use it when they shouldn't.

The Quooker tap is available with a 3, 7 or 11 litre capacity so suitable for homes housing 1 person right through to large families and there are lots of different designs including arch, rounded and square taps. Add to this that you are also ensuring you keep your carbon footprint lower, given you only use the exact amount of hot water you need every time, you can forgive yourself for thinking “I want one of those”!!!

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