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Plinth Heaters Explained Infographic

Space Saving Plinth Heaters Explained.

We have been busy creating a new infographic; ‘Plinth Heaters Explained.’ It is an invaluable read for anyone who is researching about plinth heaters and looking to install a space saving plinth heater in their home. They’re ideal for when you need to take the chill off a room!

Did you know a hydronic plinth heater runs off your central heating system and the heating process is extremely energy efficient? It uses around 25% less energy and will heat a room in less than half the time of a traditional panel radiator!

Our infographic below is full of facts and figures relating to the energy efficiency of space saving plinth heaters plus it provides really useful information all about the various plinth heater models available on the market and illustrates the even heat distribution this discreet, yet highly effective appliance provides.

plinth-heaters-explainedSpace Saving Plinth Heater Infographic

You will no longer need to compromise on space once you have a space saving plinth heater installed as it sits discreetly beneath the fitted furniture. Save space and use less energy with a space saving plinth heater from Appliance House.

Our ‘Save Space, Save Energy. Buy A Plinth Heater‘ blog is also full of useful information and talks about some of the plinth heater products we have on offer at Appliance House. It is most definitely worth a read before you make your final decision!

Should you require any further information on any of the products within our plinth heater range then please contact a member of our knowledgeable team on 0330 002 0229, we’re always happy to help.



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