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More Men Are Cleaning Than Ever Before

Posted by Alistair Ward on 24th Sep 2013

Last week The Times printed an interesting article to state that according to research carried out by Bosch, the modern man now completes household chores, such as cleaning and doing the washing; jobs that their fathers would have previously ignored. The study brought up an interesting statistic that 60% of men vacuum, wash the dishes, iron clothes, clean the bathroom, and load and unload the dishwasher. This figure is in stark contrast to the previous generation where the vast majority of women in the houshold completed these tasks.

Man CleaningIt seems that nowadays the roles of men and women in relationships are changing with men now completing their fair share of chores. We mentioned previously that more men are cooking than ever before and it now appears men are becoming even more domesticated. The days of man coming home from work with the tea on the table, the housework done, and spending the night relaxing in his favourite chair are over. The majority of 21st Century men are coming home from work to start the household chores.

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