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Keep Tidy with Pop Up Electricity Sockets

Posted by Alistair Ward on 12th Feb 2016

With so many gadgets now needing to be charged you can find your kitchen soon becomes overtaken by cables. Where once your kitchen plug sockets were reserved for kettles, toasters and food processors, now you’re competing against iPads, phones and even games consoles for electricity supply.The easy solution to this problem – which is likely only to get worse as technology continues to evolve – is to prepare your kitchen with pop up electricity sockets.EVOline 3 Socket UK in SilverPop up sockets are vertical lines of two or more sockets which either live underneath your kitchen worktop or which can be mounted underneath the cupboards above your worktop .EVOline 3 socket UK in silverYou can even choose pop up sockets with both plug sockets and USB ports. They can be arranged in convenient locations around your kitchen and brought into use only when required.EVOline 3 Socket UK in Silver(Pictured is the EVOline Port Cuisine x3 UK pop up socket in silver.)When you want to plug something in to the electricity supply, you simply press down on one side of the cap, pull up on the opposite side and the socket rises from beneath your worktop. When you’ve finished using it, you simply press the pop up socket back into position so it’s hidden away.You’ll need to forgo a small amount of space in the cupboard housing the pop up electricity socket. However, this is likely to be outweighed by the benefit, especially in a family home, of having easy access to a number of sockets. In addition, you can make your kitchen look more streamlined as you will not need to have surplus wall-mounted plug sockets.If you’re planning a new kitchen it’s easy to plan pop up sockets at the time of installation but you can have pop up electricity sockets fitted into an existing kitchen. You simply need to plan where you’ll need to distribute the pop up sockets in relation to wall-mounted sockets.Of course, wall-mounted sockets should provide easy access to household appliances which need to be plugged in all the time, such as kettles and toasters, while pop up sockets can be placed in other locations where they can provide easy access to electricity supply when required.Pop up sockets are particularly good for kitchen islands where you don’t have the option of a wall-mounted socket but still need access to electricity.We stock a range of EVOline pop up sockets as well as our own Appliance House pop up sockets, offering fantastic quality and excellent value for money. You can choose a range of finishes to suit your kitchen to perfection – black, grey, silver, white, stainless steel, chrome as well as pop up sockets featuring LED lighting for easy use at night.Browse all pop up sockets at Appliance House.
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