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Invisible EVOline Charger Qi Suitable For The Apple iPhone X.

Posted by Lorraine on 3rd Jan 2018

Qi compatible devices now play an important role in our daily routines due to our fast paced lifestyles and desire to stay connected. Our fabulous Wireless EVOline Charger Qi allows any Qi-capable device to be charged without the need for cables or any other accessories. It is great for use in kitchens or bedrooms, hotel suites and offices too, simply place your Qi compatible device on the work surface for a sleek, minimalist charging facility, perfect for any modern interior.The iPhone X is the first Apple phone to feature wireless, Qi compatible charging making the EVOline Charger Qi a perfect companion for the Apple iPhone X or any other android phone. The wireless EVOline Charger Qi can be installed below the desk or work surface to create a completely invisible charging station. The EVOline Qi charging unit has a circumference of 79mm and is 16mm thick. The charging unit is inserted into a notch that sits 3mm beneath the work surface, from here resonant induction coupling between the transmitter (charging station) and receiver (mobile or Qi compatible device) will allow for wireless charging with a wireless transfer of up to 5 watts. A signal will alert users that the charging process has begun and once the battery is charged the transmitter and receiver will both switch into stand by mode.Dimensional Drawing EVOline Qi ChargerWe know brand selection is a personal choice, no matter what your brand preference may be, Qi charging is an industry standard meaning induction charging will successfully charge ANY Qi compatible device, regardless of the make. When using inductive charging the transmitter coil is only activated when a connection to the device is made saving both power and energy.
Installation of the EVOline Qi Charger;
  1. Using a router or milling drill, cut out a circular aperture with the dimensions as shown below.
  2. Insert the EVOline Charger Qi into the aperture and screw firmly into position.
  3. Place the EVOline charging-coil-sticker on the work surface above the charger Qi‘s position - this sticker ensures you place your device in the correct 'zone' to charge.
Installation EVOline Qi Charger
An alternative option is the EVOline Square80 Qi socket, an ideal choice for the office, home or any busy work station. It is available in white, stainless steel or a black finish.As standard, the EVOline Square 80 Qi Socket has a single UK power socket, single USB power and Qi. There is also the option of including a pull out or fixed CAT6 DATA Cable to your power supply for an additional charge. A Qi compatible device can be charged when the top cover is open or closed. Should you wish to charge your phone via Qi whilst powering a 3 pin device at the same time, simply slide the top across, plug in and you'll be able to recharge your ipod, ipad or any other mobile device and run your laptop simultaneously.EVOline Square80 QiThere is no doubt that the EVOline Qi Charger is a truly minimalist and superior stand alone charging station. If you're planning a kitchen re-furb, a new office or bedroom re-vamp in the foreseeable future then you should seriously consider installing a Qi Charger. Imagine, no rummaging around looking for wires to plug into your mobile, simply pop your mobile on the side (above where the Qi charger is positioned of course!) and let the inductive charging technology do the rest.
As we move into the future Qi compatible technology will most certainly be engineered into many more products from leading technology brands such a Samsung, Google and Apple. Future proof your home, ensure all your latest gadgets are powered and ready to go and install the EVOline Qi Wireless Charger in your home.
Should you wish to find out any further details regarding our range of EVOline products please call our friendly team at Appliance House on 0330 002 0229. We even offer a bespoke service where we will work with you to create a unique power supply tailored for your needs.
For more information about the EVOline Square 80 Qi Socket we recommend watching the following video;
Here's a little technical information relating to the EVOline Qi Charger too;
Technical Data Charger Qi -
Dimensions: 79 mm × 16 mm
Operating voltage: 19 V DC
Power consumption (Operating ): 5,5 W
Power consumption (Standby): 0,2 W
Operating temperature range: 17 °C – 25 °C
Maximum temperature range: 0 °C – 40 °C
Technical Data DC Adaptor -
Power input AC: 100 VAC– 240 VAC, 0,35 A
Power output DC: 19 VDC, 630 mA
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