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Introducing The Brand New iPad Dock

Posted by Alistair Ward on 16th Aug 2013

InKitchenBite iPad DockThe iPad has revolutionised everyday life. From surfing the internet, reading books, and listening to music, to following recipes and shopping. Nearly all of lifes tasks can be completed with the help of an app. A lot of the time you may be warry of bringing your iPad into the kitchen while you are cooking just in case it is damaged because of dirty fingers or a spillage. With the InKitchenBite iPad Dock you won't have to worry about damaging your iPad while in the kitchen.The InKitchenBite iPad Dock is easy to install and even easier to use. Simply slot your iPad into the docking station and away you go. You are able to use your iPad out of reach of children and, when installed under a cabinet, away from any possible spillages preventing your iPad from breaking. By preventing your iPad coming into contact with water you also stop the possibility of losing all your information and having to spend hundreds of pounds buying a replacement.By installing the iPad dock under a cabinet at eye-level you will also find following a recipe, either by text or by a video tutorial, is made much simpler, giving you a better result when cooking. The kitchen mount also comes with a 90 degree swivel and tilt connection so you can alter the position of the iPad to suit you. This comes in handy on a sunny day, when the glare of the sun prevents you from viewing the iPad properly. All you have to do is tilt or swivel the mount and you have a perfect view of what ever you're watching, something you can't do with a TV.InKitchenBite iPad Table Top DockNot only will you be able to mount your ipad in the housing unit, you will also get the benefit of twin 5Watt speakers with a built in amplifier. So, if you are watching TV or a film, you won't lose any of the sound quality.The mounting case will also help if you were to install the iPad Dock on a table top. This would be ideal in an office so you can keep up to date with your emails without hunching over the iPad which you can find with standard iPad cases. The dock also comes with a 3.5mm auxiliary port so you can use the speakers with a secondary device.A simple and clever design but highly useful for everyday, you will find the InKitchenBite iPad Dock indespensable. To view more information CLICK HERE.
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