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How To Solve Your Kitchen Power Supply Problems

Posted by Alistair Ward on 17th Jul 2012

Getting the best value, best quality and best placement power sockets in your kitchen can be very difficult with an array of considerations to be made. Not only do you have to think about the needs of the kitchen user, you also have to take into consideration the positioning of the power socket, the style and how both of these will affect the design of the kitchen. If you were planning a minimalist kitchen you wouldn’t want to place a standard 2-plug wall socket in full view as this will ruin the style of the kitchen. One of the main problems of a kitchen island is that it’s difficult to provide power in order to plug in small kitchen appliances such as a blender or electric whisk. This can mean you have to use these appliances on other kitchen worktops that only end up cluttering the kitchen.There are a few solutions to providing power to your portable and small appliances. One way is to design your kitchen so as to hide unsightly power points by minimising the use of them. The drawback with this is that you can lose the flexibility of using your appliances where you want making cooking difficult, stressful and messy.The other solution to this problem would be to install a pop-up socket such as one from EVOline. Pop-up sockets are an ingenious way of supplying power to work surfaces where you normally wouldn’t be able to supply power. Pop-up sockets can be installed in a worktop or can be recessed into a kitchen cupboard and are hidden from view when not in use. To use a Pop-up socket simply push on the lid and pull the socket out of its casing then plug in your device.Pop-up sockets are excellent at providing the following benefits;
  • Sit flush on the work surface when not in use so aren’t an eyesore.
  • Can provide extra style to your kitchen with further options such as a night-light.
  • Allow you to use Appliances where you were previously unable.
  • Allow you to charge iPods, iPads and other mobile devices through USB sockets (Available on USB Pop-up sockets models only).
  • Will match the style of modern, contemporary and classic kitchens.
In can be frustrating if you haven’t fully considered how you intend to cook and work in your kitchen so it is best to think about all possibilities and draw up a plan of how to meet your needs. We are sure that a Pop-up socket is the ideal solution to your needs and you can view our entire collection of Pop-up sockets by HERE.
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