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Gorenje GV66260UK Dishwasher Receives Which Best Buy Award.

Posted by Lorraine on 10th Apr 2018

The Gorenje GV66260UK fully integrated dishwasher has been awarded the Which Best Buy Award. It's little wonder as we think it's a fantastic dishwasher too. It's the ideal dishwasher choice for families as it has enough room for up to 16 place settings and five convenient programmes to suit today's hectic lifestyle.The Gorenje GV66260UK underwent strict assessments in the Which lab where it was tested on it's performance in a number of fields, the most important being how well does it clean and dry your dirty dishes. For this test you'll be thrilled to know it achieved five out of five stars!We've been looking at the exceptional features of the Smartflex Gorenje dishwasher which have contributed to its success during the 'Which' assessment.Which Test…
  • How well does the dishwasher clean?
  • 60% of the test score is based on the dishwashers cleaning and drying performance.
The dishwasher is loaded with both dirty and a few clean items. Numerous substances including margarine, oat flakes, eggs etc are baked onto some of the plates and utensils for a realistic test. ALL items are inspected for cleanliness and dryness at the end of the cycle.What features helped the Gorenje GV66260UK achieve 5 Stars for cleaning?With the Gorenje GV66260UK dishwasher you’ll have the option of choosing between 5 programmes to ensure the best wash for your needs. There is an intensive programme, eco setting, speed wash function, quick programme 20 and also an automatic programme.The quick 20 minute programme and speed wash function will clean and dry dishes super fast, perfect for dinner parties when you need to re-use crockery for another course!After washing the dishwasher door of the Gorenje GV66260UK automatically opens to allow steam to escape. This puts a stop to unloading the dishwasher to find some items covered with water droplets, a common, annoying problem that often occurs when washing plastic wear. Once the door opens, fresh air circulates around the cavity to completely dry the newly washed items quickly with low energy consumption.GV66260UK Gorenje Integrated DishwashrThe Automatic programme uses sensor technology which automatically adjusts the settings to provide excellent end results whilst conserving water and energy consumption. There is even a bacteria eliminating, extra hygiene option which enables temperatures up to 75°C. The extra hygiene programme mimics the sterilization process required for the cleaning of baby utensils and bottles.Which Test…
  • How easy is it to load & use?
  • 15% of the test score is based on the dishwasher’s ease of use.
In the test lab, the dishwasher is filled with a standard load including plates, bowls, saucers, cups, glasses, cutlery, utensils etc plus a saucepan, glass jug and a plastic lunch box. They mark the appliance on how easily it can be filled to capacity with the inclusion of large items and long stem glasses. ‘Which’ also review an appliance based on their ease of use; clear, concise instruction manuals, easy to use /programmable controls and how effortless maintenance such as cleaning the filter, can be undertaken.Features That Make The Smartflex Gorenje Dishwasher So Easy To Use;Smartflex Adjustable Shleves - GV66260UKThe Smartflex Gorenje dishwasher comprises of three adjustable baskets that provide enough space for 16 place settings in one go! An adjustable basket system makes loading and unloading simple. The upper basket has a fold-able left and right cup holder, wide knife stand and a fold-able glass support. The lower basket can be folded down to allow plenty of space for large items plus there is a top cutlery tray on telescopic rails for easy loading and emptying.Using the Gorenje GV66260UK dishwasher could not be easier and maintenance is stress free thanks to the self cleaning filter. An AquaStop safety feature automatically cuts off the water supply in case of leakage or flooding. This offers peace of mind when operating the appliance at night.The machine also features intuitive touch controls, with just one touch you can select between the 5 washing programmes effortlessly.Whilst the dishwasher is operating a special LED lamp projects each stage of the washing progress on the floor which is a really useful feature. The appliance also signals when the washing cycle has ended.Which Test…
  • How much energy and water does it use?
  • 20% of the test score is based on energy and water use.
The dishwasher is tested in the ‘Which’ lab using the main wash programme (usually cleaning around 55-65°C) as this is the cycle which is most commonly used and suitable for everyday loads. The eco-programme is also tested and ‘Which’ provide running costs for the models they test.How Energy Efficient Is The GV66260UK Dishwasher?The Gorenje GV66260UK dishwasher water consumption is just 9.5 litres on a normal programme with energy consumption running in at only 0.86kWh.Estimated annual water consumption is 2660 litres. All these factors along with the sensor technology and eco/quick wash programmes contribute to the impressive A+++ energy efficiency rating of this Gorenje dishwasher.Gorenje dishwashers can be connected to the hot water (max. 70 °C) instead of cold. Choosing a hot water connection cuts cycle times and reduces the dishwasher's electricity consumption making this dishwasher an environmentally and budget-friendly home appliance. This model is one of the most energy efficient dishwashers available on the market.It was awarded four out of five stars for energy and water using the main washing programme.Which Test…
  • How noisy is the appliance?
  • 5% of the test score is based on the noise level.
‘Which’ monitor the noise levels during the washing cycle and take note of any particularly loud or irritating noises which could negatively impact on the overall performance of the appliance.Is the Gorenje GV66260UK Quiet When In Use?Absolutely! This top of the range dishwasher operates at just 45 dB(A). The quiet operation is perfect should you wish to run the dishwasher in the evening when you can make the most of cheaper off-peak electricity tariffs.According to the Which Best Buy process a full-sized dishwasher must be awarded at least 75% in their tests to earn their Best Buy recommendation. Slimline and compact dishwashers require a score over 65%.Best Buy GV662660UK Gorenje DishwasherIt’s plain to see why the Gorenje GV66260UK integrated dishwasher received the Which Best Buy Recommendation Logo. So, if you’re on the search for a new dishwasher then this top of the range, fully integrated dishwasher from Gorenje has to be a serious contender;

“If you’re looking for 16 place settings then you wont find much better” Which Review - June'17.Gorenje GV66260UK Dishwasher

Should you require any further help or advice relating to the Gorenje GV66260UK integrated dishwasher or any other appliances within our range then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team on 0300 022 0229. We’re always happy to help our customers with their search for a new appliance.    SaveSave
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