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Free Set Of Induction Pans With Induction Hob

Posted by Alistair Ward on 26th Jul 2013

We have put together an exclusive deal to help you save money and begin cooking with the future of cooking, Induction technology. We are now offering a set of Induction Pans FREE when you buy the Homeking HHI600 Induction Hob. You will not have to worry if your existing pans will work with your brand new induction hob, as this free pan set has been specifically designed to work on Induction Hobs.

Homeking HHI600 Induction Hob

What is Induction Cooking?

Induction Hobs work differently to the more commonly found ceramic hobs. Induction hobs directly heat the pan instead of heating the hob surface. This is done via wire coils inserted underneath the hob zones that create a magnetic field, and it is this magnetic field that induces an electric current. It is this electric current that heats the pan. Due to the induction technology used, only pans made from a ferrous metal will heat up on an Induction Hob. It is for this reason many pans in your kitchen may not work with your new Induction Hob, and because of this we have decided to erradicate any problems you may have by providing a set of pans for free with the Homeking HHI600 Induction Hob.If you are unsure about Induction Technology have a look at the benefits below;
  • Rapid Heating
  • Only heats the pan so the rest of the cooking surface is safe to touch
  • Greater Energy Efficiency than Gas or Electric Hobs
  • Easy to clean -  spillages just wipe off
Homeking HHI600 Induction Hob FeaturesThe Homeking HHI600 Induction Hob comes complete with many of the features that you would expect from an induction hob. Controlling the cooking heat is made simple via Touch Control that will alter the temperature quicker than an electric hob.Induction Pan Set The controls are situated on the front on the hob which is safer than side controls as you do not have to reach over a boiling pan t change the temperature. This hob also comes with a Child Safety Lock that locks the controls when not in use, so you will not have to worry about your kids trying to use the hob and hurting themsleves when you are not around. The 4 hob zones mean you will be able to cook a family meal completely on the hob, without the need for the oven or grill, and with induction technology being more efficient you will save money on your utility bills.This really is a great offer and one that will only be available until stocks last so to view more information or to buy the Homeking HHI600 Induction Hob and receive your free set of Induction Pans CLICK HERE
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