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Festive Chocolate Puds

Get festive with our tasty Nutty Christmas Puds Recipe

Christmas is fast approaching and we’ve been getting busy in the kitchen making these sweet little ‘Nutty Christmas Puds’ packed full of healthy ingredients with a special treat in the middle. They are fun and easy to make and if you’re feeling peckish and in need of a healthy sweet fix then these small bundles of tastiness make for a brilliant afternoon snack. The recipe is made using delicious healthy ingredients too; the caramel is sweetened naturally with dates which won’t add to your cholesterol as they are fat free. Using dates in your cooking means you are reducing artificial and refined sugars from your diet which is much better for your health.

Our ‘Nutty Christmas Puds’ would be great served with a coffee after christmas dinner and as an extra special festive treat when not try making them with an alcohol infused cherry in the centre. Just be mindful that making your own alcohol infused fresh cherries takes time. You will need to infuse the cherries for at least a month, the longer you let it sit, the stronger the flavour will become. You could even try adding a cinnamon stick to the boozy infusion jar for more of a festive flavour. Our Home-made Christmas Cake is another fabulous sweet treat for the festive season, bursting with fruit and flavour and so much better than the shop bought alternatives.

Check out our steps and tips on making your own ‘Nutty Christmas Puds’, they are so worth a try.

Nutty CHristmas Pud


Nutty Christmas Pudding Snack Nutty Christmas Puds REcipeNutty Christmas Puds Notes

Happy Nutty Christmas Pud Making Everyone!



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