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Fantastic February Franke Freebie

Posted by Alistair Ward on 1st Feb 2015

e-cloth Home Cleaning SetFor the entirety of February we are giving away a E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set for free with any purchase of a Franke kitchen sink, tap or waste disposal unit. Hot on the heels of our Rollamat promotion we are delighted to announce a brand new extended giveaway which is exclusive to Franke authorised dealers.The revolutionary E-Cloth offers a wide range of chemically free, child friendly and hygenic cleaning solutions for the entire home as well as car, pets and body. The e-cloth is well known for its hard working perfomance and high quality finish and we're giving you the opportunity to see for yourself.e-cloth Home Cleaning Set Cloths

Benefits Of e-cloth

Saves Time and Money - Grease and Dirt are absorbed by the special fibres of the e-cloth so you don't have to manically scrub the surface. As the e-cloth only requires water you'll also save money as you no longer have to buy chemicals.Superior Performance - Due to the special weave and combination of the high quality fibres the e-cloth is not only able to trap dirt and grease but also leaves a smear and streak free finish unlike regular cloths.Eco Friendly - As previously mentioned the e-cloth only requires water to clean so you prevent the use of chemicals. Whereas paper towels and wipes have to been thrown away after a couple of uses to be left in landfills or incinerated, the e-cloth can be used hundreds of times. The environmental impact during production of the e-cloth is much less than the other products because the e-cloth is not covered in chemicals, unlike wipes and paper towels.Child Friendly - As the e-cloth does not include chemicals you don't have to purchase many hazardous cleaning products such as bleach which can be harmful to children. As you don't have to purchase chemical products you won't have to worry about your child mistakenly reaching for these harmful items.

e-cloth Home Cleaning Set Contents:

e-cloth Save tIme and MoneyBathroom Cloth - Extra long fibres make this ideal for bathroom surfaces.Hob and Oven Cloth - Lossen dirt via the scrubbing side and produce a sprakling finish via the smooth side.Stainless Steel Cloth - Leave a beautiful polished shine on all Stainless SteelKitchen Cloth - Clean all kitchen surfaces and absorb dirt, grease and bacteria.Window Cloth - Leave your windows streak free and clear to give you the best view possible.Duster - This cloth features a natural positive charge to easily collect dustGlass and Polishing Cloth x 2 - For a fantastic streak free finish on glass and shiny surfaces and 2 cloths mean twice the cleaning power.With a retail price of £34.99 these cloths are essential for all homes and now's your chance to receive them for free.Remember, to receive your free e-cloth Home Cleaning Set just buy any Franke kitchen sink, tap or waste disposal from our website.This offer is available on single transactions throughout February 2015 so make sure you place an order now before this special giveaway ends. To view our wide range of Franke sink, tap and waste disposal units CLICK HERE.  
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