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Electrolux, EOD5410AOX, Built in Double Oven | Review

Posted by Alistair Ward on 11th Oct 2013

Electrolux EOD5410AOX Built in Double Oven

Please note this oven has now been discontinued.

Introducing the Electrolux EOD5410AOX Built in Double Oven, a multi-function double oven offering a wide range of features specifically designed to make cooking simpler while also offering a flexibility not provided by other ovens. To aid you during cooking the oven also comes with two large capacity ovens, making this Electrolux oven an essential piece of kit for those looking for a brand new double oven.

Large families and those that entertain will love the space provided by the extra large oven cavities of the Electrolux EOD5410AOX Built in Double Oven. The capacity of the top oven is 43 litres which mean it is larger than an average top oven giving you that extra bit space you need.  A big benefit of the top oven is that it offers not only Grill cooking but also multifunction cooking where you can choose the heat source to suit what it is you're cooking. Multifunction cooking consists of a conventional heat where both the top and bottom heat source are used, or you can choose just to the use the top or bottom heat source. This allows you to focus the cooking heat for example you can use the bottom heat source if you want a crispy pastry base.

The main oven offers more features than the top oven and will be used more often than the top oven due to this. While the top oven has 5 cooking programmes, the main oven features 8 cooking programmes including conventional cooking and the choice of top or bottom heat source found in the top oven. As well as these standard features, the main oven also offers Fan Assisted cooking that means, using even heat distribution, the temperature throughout the oven is the same at every level giving you a thorough and quicker cook.

The fan is also utilised for the Turbo Grill setting. Choosing the Turbo Grill you can close the oven door during cooking which will keep heat inside the oven cooking the food quicker while also ensuring the cooking smells don't escape into the kitchen. Along with the fan assisted cooking and grill, the main oven also comes with a Pizza function that automatically alters the cooking functions and heat source to ensure your pizza comes out perfectly cooked. As is standard among many ovens nowadays, you also get a Defrost setting that will defrost your frozen food much quicker than having to leave it on the kitchen side or in the fridge overnight.

The Electrolux EOD5410AOX Built in Double Oven is a stylish appliance with black exterior and a Stainless Steel trim so will match any kitchen design and with push buttons and retractable knob controls it is easy to use.. The oven is also fitted with self cleaning Catalytic liners so you don't have to spend an age cleaning the oven. Instead any fat or grease is aborbed by the Catalytic liners, and once heated to a high heat, is oxidised and turns to a dust that can then be wiped away, saving you a lost of hassle.

At A Glance Features Of Electrolux EOD5410AOX Double Oven

  • Self Cleaning Catalytic Liners
  • Extra Large Oven Cavities - Top Oven 43litres & Bottom Oven 68litres
  • Top Oven - 5 Cooking Programmes
  • Main Oven - 8 Cooking Programmes including Turbo Grill, Pizza Setting and Defrost
  • Fan Assisted cooking
  • Removable Doors and Panels for easy cleaning
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