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Delicious Sweet Orange, Lemon, Almond & Ginger Bread.

Posted by Lorraine on 11th May 2017

It's National Bread Week and to celebrate we've rustled up a delicious sweet bread bursting with fruit and citrus flavours. Our Sweet Orange, Lemon, Almond and Ginger Bread is really easy to make however you'll need to allow a few hours for the dough to prove. It's a great recipe to make when you're pottering around the house over the weekend, this way you can keep an eye on the dough and enjoy eating it with family and friends once it's fresh out of the oven.This Sweet Orange, Lemon, Almond & Ginger Bread Recipe is inspired by a Paul Hollywood recipe on the BBC website, however we have tweaked it ever so slightly plus our recipe includes stem ginger and a scattering of cocoa nibs.Fill your house with the smell of homemade fresh bread and treat yourself to a lovely slice of tasty sweet bread.Homemade Sweet Bread RecipeMakes: 1 large loaf (approx 8-10 servings)Prep Time: 20 minutes plus 3-4 Hour provingSweet Citrus BreadCooking Time: 40 minutesDough Ingredients;410g strong white flour6g salt40g caster sugar10g instant yeast110ml full fat milk4 free-range eggs, lightly whisked100g unsalted butter at room temp & cut into small piecesFruit Mixture;2 large unwaxed lemons, finely grated zest only1 large unwaxed orange, finely grated zest only100g toasted flaked almonds100g mixed fruit peel100g dried cranberries60g stem ginger - chopped into small pieces½ large lemon, juice onlyPaste ingredients;2 free-range egg whites25g golden sugar30g ground almondsTopping;40g flaked almonds15g cocoa nibs1 tsp golden caster sugarMethod;
  1. Prepare the dough; Add the flour to a large bowl. Place the salt and the yeast to opposite sides of the bowl then add the sugar, milk, eggs and butter in the bowl. Using a mixer & dough hook combine into a soft dough, alternatively knead by hand on a lightly floured surface. Easiest option; dough hook -  Mix on slow for three minutes. Then mix on medium speed setting for a further five minutes until you have a soft elastic dough mix.
  2. Place the dough into a clean, oiled bowl, cover and leave to rise for one hour in a warm room.
  3. Meanwhile, add the citrus zest together with the toasted almonds, mixed peel, dried cranberries, stem ginger pieces and lemon juice.
  4. Using your hands gradually knead the citrus mixture into the dough
  5. Use a little extra butter to grease the base and sides of a 23cm/9in round, easy release cake tin.
  6. Shape the dough into a ball and place it into centre of the prepared tin.
  7. Cover the cake tin using cling film or a tea towel and leave the dough to rise for approximately three hours. The dough should expand to reach the top of the sides of the tin.
  8. Preheat the oven to 195℃ (fan oven) Bake the bread on the middle shelf for 20 minutes.
  9. Whilst the bread is baking start to make the paste to go on top of the sweet bread. Stir the ground almonds, golden sugar and egg whites together to form a thick paste.
  10. After 20 minutes of baking, remove the bread from the oven. Reduce the temperature in the oven to 180℃.
  11. Evenly spread the paste over the top of the bread and finish with a scattering of flaked almonds, cocoa nibs then dust with a light layer of sugar.
  12. Return to the oven for a further 20 minutes. Keep on eye on the bread, if you notice it is browning too quickly then cover loosely with foil towards the end of cooking.
  13. Remove from the oven and leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes.
  14. Finally, carefully remove the sweet bread from the tin and place on a wire rack allowing it to cool completely before serving.
Serving Suggestion;Slice thinly and spread with butter. A simple yet very delicious sweet treat to serve with a cuppa!Homemade Citrus Fruit BreadHappy Sweet Bread Making Everyone x  
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