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Cooking Day With Hotpoint; Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

Posted by Lorraine on 9th Aug 2017

The team at Appliance House got creative in the kitchen last week learning all about the amazing technology which features in Hotpoint's new innovative appliance range. The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation Vehicle came on a special trip to our head office. We had a great time cooking with the experts at our own mini kitchen stations whilst putting the new Hotpoint range of appliances to the test!We put the clever Multi Flow Technology through a small cookery challenge and cooked some fantastic, show stopping pizzas from scratch! Multi Flow Technology is a new convection system found in Hotpoint's 2016/2017 oven range. After having a go with these ovens ourselves we were amazed how the food was cooked so evenly. The extendable telescopic shelves were an excellent feature too making it very easy to load and remove the pizzas from the oven without the risk of burning. In just 15 minutes we were all enjoying perfectly cooked, fresh, healthy homemade pizzas straight out the oven. No burnt edges and soggy based pizzas here!Hotpoint Pizza Day!The Multi Flow Technology cooks food beautifully and evenly thanks to the even heat distribution throughout the oven. Intelligent temperature sensors precisely control the temperature in the oven cavity too for optimum cooking results. Simply set the oven to your desired temperature and 'Precision Temperature Controls' maintain a consistent temperature to within 2 degrees of the set temperature to ensure fantastic cooking results every time. Some models even feature a probe which give you total control over your cooking, brilliant for cooking roast dinners to chef standards! The Hotpoint, SI6864SHIX, Built In Single Oven features the wonderful multi flow technology and is available to buy at Appliance House and comes complete with an excellent warranty package.Later in the day we got to see the Hotpoint Multiwave and Dynamic Crisp Technology in action. We were very impressed by the ease and speed at which the Hotpoint combination microwave oven cooked a complete meal to perfection; Chicken breast with roasted vine tomatoes and roast potatoes. Delicious!Hotpoint's unique Multiwaves Technology ensures the ‘microwaves’ are distributed evenly inside the cavity allowing the 'waves' to reach every part of the food to create even cooking, heating and defrosting of every dish, whilst the Dynamic Crisp function browns and crisps the food. The Dynamic Crisp function cooks succulent juicy food with a lovely golden, crispy outer so much quicker than a conventional oven. We loved the addition of the Hotpoint Crisp Plate too as this enables you to cook without the need for oil to create fat free dishes, super fast. It took just 12 minutes to cook a medium chicken breast complete with all the trimmings; a nutritious meal packed full of flavour. All the food was cooked really quickly on one plate, ideal for when you're in a hurry! The Crisp Plate comes with a secure temperature resistant handle making it easy to handle the plate in a safe manner when it is hot after cooking.Cook For ChangeWe really were very impressed with the range, the potential for cooking a whole variety of food including sponges, breakfasts and roast dinners was endless! Hotpoint kindly made breakfast for everyone too and the bacon was cooked beautifully, just the right amount of crispiness all thanks to the Dynamic Crisp function. A superb piece of kit!The new range of Hotpoint Microwave Ovens are available with a wide selection of functions and programmes. The ingenious new state of the art technology provides rapid cooking which can reduce cooking times considerably, great for conserving energy which means there are some great savings to be made on your energy bills too! The Dynamic Crisp Function is available on integrated and free standing models making it suitable for any kitchen interior. The Hotpoint, MD454IXH, Built in Microwave Oven and Grill has a 31 litre capacity and features the dynamic crisp function. It comes complete with a crisper plate to make cooking your favourite meals, in no time at all, as easy and stress free as possible for you.Hotpoint have also developed an exclusive Direct Flame Gas Hob Technology which provides superior cooking results. Direct Flame Technology ensures the pan is heated evenly across it's entire surface. 420 Tiny holes provide the widest possible heating area to ensure no heat is lost around the edges of the pan which results in up to a 20% saving in time and energy, when compared to using a standard gas burner. The Hotpoint, FTGHG641DHBK, Gas Hob features Direct Flame Technology. The elegantly styled, modern black glass surface would look the part in any kitchen interior.Thank you to everyone at Hotpoint for a fun filled few days of cooking (& eating!) We are now even more knowledgeable about the new Hotpoint Built In Kitchen Studio range so if you need any help or advice on products within the portfolio then please feel free to get in the meantime, we'll carry on enjoying our homemade perfectly cooked pizzas and roast chicken dinners for lunch!   
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