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Cook & Blend With ONE Appliance - The Hotpoint TB060CAX0

Posted by Lorraine on 4th Oct 2017

The Hotpoint HD Line TB060CAX0 Steam Blender is a substantial piece of kit which allows you to cook and blend all in one appliance. It is well made and stylish but most importantly it really is a very useful appliance for the kitchen which will be used time and time again for many years to come. The Hotpoint HD Line TB060CAX0 Steam Blender is certainly worthy of permanent residency in your kitchen!This clever piece of technology has been built to last; manufactured to the highest standards the steam blender features a quality 550W blender motor and a 1200W steam generating unit. The sturdy, heat resistant glass jug has a generous capacity of 1500ml. The high standard of each component is evident; The Hotpoint TB060CAX0 Steam Blender is an extremely functional, top quality and unique small kitchen appliance with a gross weight of 6.5kg.Steaming food could not be easier. There is a removable stainless steel wire basket which can be used for the steaming of various foods such as chicken or fish. It is so versatile; we love the fact you can make healthy soups with ease. Dice your vegetables, add herbs, seasonings and a stock cube to the glass jug then programme the steam function to the desired cook time. Once the vegetables are cooked simply switch to the blend function. The final result; Hot, smooth (or chunky!), pureed soup ready to serve instantly.This process of steam cooking ensures the vitamins, minerals and nutrients stay inside your food whilst locking in flavour, resulting in a very healthy and flavoursome bowl of soup.Having a little one to look after is full on so anything to make life a little easier for yourself is a bonus! If you are starting to wean your baby then this Hotpoint steam blender is absolutely the perfect appliance for you. It is brilliant for the preparation of baby purees. Having the luxury of steam cooking and blending from one appliance means there is no need to have countless pans and bowls on the go, there will be less washing up too meaning more time for baby cuddles and play or even a quick cup of (hot!) tea! The steaming process retains all the nutrients and goodness in the food which is great for your baby.Home cooked baby food is so much tastier than the shop bought jars; trust me I've made hundreds of baby purees over the last few years and the difference in taste between jar/packets and home made is huge. The capacity of the jug will enable you to make a large batch of baby food in one go which you can then freeze into small portions. Lumps can be gradually introduced into the food too by using the pulse setting, this setting allows more control over the consistency of the puree. The steam function has a separate control switch from the blending function, so it is very simple to alternate between the two.   As with most blenders it is rather noisy on the very highest speed setting, you will hear some gurgling noises during the initial stages of the steaming process too. The model uses an LED digital timer for the steam function allowing the user to set the cook time up to 30 minutes. This function switches off automatically.The blender comes complete with 4 speed settings and also a pulse speed; you are guaranteed to find a setting suitable for all your needs. Should you want a light and airy milkshake, a creamy soup or smoothie, a batch of nutritious baby food, large or fine breadcrumbs, nuts ground to powder or maybe some crushed ice, the Hotpoint TB060CAX0 is the gadget for the job.Hotpoint recommend cleaning the steam valve by adding 10ml of lemon juice or white vinegar to the water tank after the cooking is finished, this simple cleaning process will prevent the accumulation of lime scale. It is recommended to descale the machine after 15 steaming uses too.The Hotpoint HD Line TB060CAX0 Steam Blender is available to buy at Appliance House complete with a 2 years parts and labour warranty and FREE, next day delivery.You could be making your own super healthy soups and smoothies in no time.Why not try our healthy smoothie recipes to get you started!  
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