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Best Ever, Super Easy Wholemeal Pancakes

Posted by Lorraine on 25th Feb 2017

Shrove Tuesday will soon be upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a whopping plate full of our Delicious Wholemeal Pancakes and Homemade Apple Puree. They are very easy to make and as the title says they are delicious too. Our wholemeal pancakes taste lovely packed with berry fruit with a side helping of greek yoghurt and a drizzle of maple syrup. We love the fact they taste just as good filled with savoury ingredients too; chorizo, cheese, ham, caramelised onions....the choices are endless.Grab your aprons, raid your cupboards, it's time to have some flippin' fun and put your pancake flipping skills to the test. If you're not smiling during the prep you can rest assured the end result will have you smiling. Who doesn't love a pancake?!WARNING....You may want to double the mix. They really are that good. In the unlikely event they don't all get eaten you can always freeze the leftover pancakes.Shrove Tuesday 2017 Delicious Wholemeal Pancakes.Prep Time; 10 minsCook Time; Approx 20 minsMakes 6-8 pancakesIngredients; 100g Wholemeal flour2 Eggs300ml Milk1 Tablespoon vegetable oilPinch saltLittle vegetable oil for cookingMethod; 
  1. Place the wholemeal flour and salt into a large bowl and create a well in the centre.
  2. In a separate bowl mix together the eggs, milk and tablespoon of vegetable oil.
  3. Slowly pour half the egg, milk and oil mixture into the centre of the dry mix and gently draw the flour in from the centre, continue to pour and whisk until all the ingredients are combined and you have a smooth batter that is the consistency of thick single cream.
  4. Heat a pan over a medium heat and add a drizzle of oil, spread the oil evenly over the pan base using a soft spatula or kitchen paper to ensure the pancake will not stick to the pan during cooking.
  5. Add a ladle full of batter into the pan and evenly coat the bottom with a thin layer; We find it is easiest to pick up the pan and tilt it to spread the pancake mix around the pan, this creates a large, thin, round pancake.
  6. Cook for 45 seconds and using a spatula flip the pancake over and cook for a further 45 seconds. Transfer the pancake to a warm plate and repeat the process until all the batter is used up.
We like to keep our pancakes warm in the oven whilst we finish cooking the rest of the batter. Simply pre heat oven to 140℃ and stack the pancakes on a stoneware/heatproof plate and cover with foil. Make sure you cover the pancakes to prevent them from going dry and crispy and don't leave them in the oven for more than 15 minutes.Pancakes gone cold?! The quick heat up option. Stack, cover with cling film, pierce the film and microwave on high for 1 min (based on 800W microwave)Cooked pancakes are suitable for freezing for up to a month.

Wholemeal Pancake Tips

Delicious served with a drizzle of maple syrup and a scattering of strawberries and blueberries.Why not replace the oil with coconut oil and try serving with a little honey and a few slices of banana, mango and pineapple for a tropical taste sensation!Make a pancake pizza! Cook one side and flip. Whilst still in the pan smear the cooked side with a little tomato and herb paste, scatter with chopped olives, ham and grated mozzarella plus a little ricotta. Add to a hot grill for a minute to allow the cheese to melt a little. Fold & serve.Our homemade pancakes also taste great with homemade fruit puree and a side serving of greek yoghurt topped with honey. Steamed apple puree couldn’t be easier to make and it tastes fantastic smeared on these wonderful wholemeal pancakes. Have a go at making your own apple puree following the recipe below.Apple pancake topping Prep Time; 5 mins.Cook Time; 15 minutesServes; 3-4  Ingredients;4 Sweet eating apples - Pink Lady or Royal Gala work well200ml waterPinch of cinnamonSqueeze of lemon (about half teaspoon)Method;
  1. Wash the apples then peel, core and slice them.
  2. Place the apples in a large pan and then add the water.
  3. Place the lid on the pan and bring the apples to the boil. Reduce heat and continue to simmer for 15 minutes or until soft. Keep an eye on the water and do not let it evaporate, if looking dry top up with a tablespoon more water.
  4. Remove from the heat and add the cinnamon and lemon juice, stir well. You can add more to suit your taste.
  5. Mash the apples to your desired consistency using a fork, alternatively add the mixture to a hand blender to create an apple paste.
  6. Smear over warm pancakes before rolling.
We don't add sugar to our recipe as we select sweet apple varieties for our dish, plus, less sugar means a much healthier portion of apple sauce! It you like super sweet apple sauce then you may want to add a little sugar, apple juice works well too as a replacement to the water but just be mindful that it will increase your sugar intake.Happy Pancake Making Everyone!
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