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A Guide to a Healthier You

Posted by admin on 13th May 2015


The easier way to a healthy lifestyle

 The majority of us would agree we’d like to be a little healthier, a little fitter, lose a little weight even. The problem is modern day lifestyles often make this very difficult with fast food outlets on every corner and tasty four minute ready meals available with the stab of a fork and a push of button.The other problem is of course: who wants to eat boring ‘healthy’ food and exercise for hours on end? Well maybe we don’t. Combining a good diet and exercise plan is an undoubtable must for a clean living lifestyle but who says it has to be boring! For instance, exercise routines can be cut to 30, 20 or even 15 minutes. How? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This type of training involves, short burst of intense exercise followed by short periods of rest. The results are often a far greater than spending an hour in the gym and leads more muscle mass, lower body fat and a slimmer leaner you. The beauty of this type of training is it can often be undertaken in the comfort of your own home, with many fantastic fitness DVDs available. No gym membership or fancy equipment required!Now, you can exercise all you want but without a good diet you will not maximise your potential. Eating the right foods and giving your body the required nutrients is a must! If you had a Ferrari, you wouldn’t be filling it up with cheap nasty fuel, you’d fill it up with the best. Treat your body the same!As previously mentioned the problem with most healthy food is simple. It’s boring! However it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of knowledge you can create delicious healthy meals that will leave your mouth watering and that’s were we come in. Over the next few weeks we will provide you with some tasty recipes for breakfast, dinner, lunch, supper and not forgetting all important snacks.
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